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iBook, software overclocking

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iBook, software overclocking – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Is it possible to overclock the processor of the new iBooks via software? The answer would seem positive to listen to a report posted on the specialized website Xlr8yourMac.According to what a reader of the Web page reports, it would be enough to install the Computer Hardware Understanding Development (CHUD), a series of free tools that can be downloaded by all those who register to the Apple developer section and operate on some registers from Mac OS X. According to the Xlr8yourMac reader, using this procedure it was possible to bring a 700 MHz iBook up to 800 MHz. The only problem was resetting the original speed when the machine was restarted. is confirmed by some technical information about the processor released by IBM which confirms the presence of two PLL (Phase Locked Loop, circuits that control the clock speed) controlled by software. In short, contrary to what happens with other processors, for which you need to have a soldering iron and a good dose of cold blood, here the clock multipliers are with trollable with simple software instructions.This, in any case, does not detract from such an operation, however, capable of invalidating the warranty and potentially also irreparably damaging the motherboard. The increase in clock speed, in fact, always correlated to an increase in temperature with the consequences imaginable on the entire structure of the laptop.

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