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IBM reinvents LCD monitors

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IBM reinvents LCD monitors logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steve Jobs' choice to abandon the production of CRT monitors, rumored by some sites, seems yet another confirmation of Apple's foresight in anticipating radical but successful technological choices (from the first graphic interfaces for personal computers to the exhilarating connubbio Unix / Macintosh si OSX,). The interest in LCD grows daily, not only from a commercial point of view but also scientifically (difficult to classify between the two aspects "cause" and "effect") It seems that IBM has in store a method for reinventing the LCD. Big Blue scientists have developed innovative technology to create liquid crystal monitors. The Engineers promise significantly lower production costs than current LCDs, and a consequent drop in public prices, smaller and smaller screens, a very high definition image quality and unprecedented fidelity in color rendering in the flat-panel market . The new production technique reported by the American scientific magazine "Nature" will definitively replace a method used for 95 years, which uses simple velvet to smooth the very thin crystals to be positioned, a method that often causes streaks and scratches. (By Rudy Belcastro )

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