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IBM has held the record for 27 years: 9,262 patents earned in 2019

For over a quarter of a century IBM has been working in technological innovation aimed at improving not only the way we work, but also the way we live. The multinational recently announced a new important milestone: the 9,262 patents obtained during 2019, a record for the twenty-seventh consecutive year.

Behind this result is the work of 8,500 inventors operating in 45 different American states and 54 other countries, contributing significantly to the path taken by the company in favor of the progress of the whole society. In Italy, registered patents amount to 86.

Almost half of the patents obtained in 2019 are directly related to the growth of four areas. First of all, the one related toartificial intelligence: in the course of the year just ended, IBM has in fact patented new AI algorithms that can read between the lines to discover the meanings and emotions of a text or speech.

IBM has held the record for 27 years: 9,262 patents earned in 2019

In 2020, these patents will allow IBM to make new discoveries in natural language processing including the combination of pattern recognition with semantic reasoning that will allow companies to make the best use of NLP tools by optimizing the use of resources – such as time and data – and reducing the need for supervision.

Another area that has contributed to the achievement of the one that concerns the Blockchain, with a particular focus on security. One of the techniques patented by IBM actually contributes to increasing resistance against replay attacks, events in which hackers copy and use information within existing transactions on Blockchain networks to carry out other unauthorized ones.

The third in this series is the area called Cloud and security: IBM has obtained a patent on a method capable of jointly managing cloud and non-cloud platforms. In this context, researchers are continuing to study the homomorphic cryptography area in order to further improve the protection of sensitive data.

IBM has held the record for 27 years: 9,262 patents earned in 2019

Quantum computing the last of the four areas with the highest number of IBM patents. The innovations developed in 2019 in this area include a method capable of resizing a quantum computer to support additional qubits, as well as allowing an innovative approach for the simulation of molecules.

At the same time, IBM joined LOT Network, a non-profit organization born in the United States with the aim of opposing the claims of patents (the so-called Patent Assertion Entities) or patent trolls, realities that base their activity on the generalized purchase and indiscriminate of as many patents as possible, without the real intent to produce or innovate, to obtain royalties.

The choice of IBM to join the network, following the acquisition of Red Hat, extends the benefits deriving from the union of the two companies for customers and open source communities and represents a further step forward in promoting innovation, ensuring the use of patents in the most appropriate way .

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