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IBAN always correct thanks to iPhone and touch

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It is called IBAN, that is International Bank Account Number, and a universal number to relate a current account for withdrawal or payment purposes. A sort of universal or almost universal tax code for money transfers. Increasingly important in the era when economic transactions become virtual, but the money obviously remains true.

IBAN Check the Italian application created by Michele Cunico, which for 79 euro cents allows you to check the initial control code and "separate" it into its constituent elements. In this way, for example, it is possible from the simple IBAN to trace the bank and the ABI and CAB codes, as well as the account number.

Obviously, only banks are authorized to officially calculate their IBAN starting from their bank account number and this application, although useful, has no validity certified as a tool for banking activities and transactions. However, as a first aid to try to understand both the bank to which an IBAN belongs or vice versa, calculate it on the basis of the normal useful current account coordinates. Even more can be done for a wide range of foreign countries, European and non-European.

IBAN Check available on the App Store for 79 cents