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Huawei, the U.S. claims to have evidence that the Chinese are using backdoors

Huawei prepara la sfida legale contro il blocco dei fondi agli operatori USA

U.S. officials say they have evidence demonstrating Huawei's use of backdoors to access mobile phone networks around the world. This was reported on Wall Street Journal reporting the words of Robert OBrien, national security adviser: "We have evidence that Huawei can secretly access sensitive data and personal information with the systems it manages and sells around the world."

For months, the United States has insisted that Huawei be able to secretly access the networks of telephone operators, inviting the allies to exclude the company from the supply of network equipment. According to the American newspaper, the US kept this information secret until the end of last year; later, they would decide to share details with some allies, including Germany and the United Kingdom. Huawei, the U.S. claims to have evidence that the Chinese are using backdoors

No details were provided on the allegations, generally stating that Huawei would have used hidden access modes as early as 2009, with 4G networks. The Chinese company rejected the accusations and a spokesman said "We never and will never do anything that could compromise or endanger the security of our customers' networks and data."

In August of last year, it emerged that Huawei helped the governments of Uganda and Zambia to spy on political opponents. Again the Chinese had denied, totally rejecting the allegations deemed unfounded and inaccurate, stating at the time that they had launched an internal investigation, further explaining that "" Huawei's code of conduct prohibits employees from participating in any activity that compromises our consumer data and privacy, or that violates any law. Huawei is proud to respect the laws in all the markets where it operates ”.

Today's news yet another twist in the confrontation waged by the USA against the Chinese company accused (since 2012) of leaving backdoors (service doors) in its telecommunication systems reserved for espionage by the Chinese government