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Huawei prepares three more MateBooks with Windows 10

Three more new Matebooks are ready for market launch after last year's 2-in-1 experiment. This year the offer will be more varied

(Photo: Evan Blass)(Photo: Evan Blass)

It seems that after his first 2-in-1, Huawei's Chinese got excited about the PC world. More than a year has passed since the announcement of Huawei Matebook, their first Windows 10 tablet with a detachable keyboard, and now it seems that the group is preparing to market not one, but well three successors. The rumors are reported by Evan Blass and Roland Quandt, two subjects usually well informed on these topics, and concern an update of the original Matebook called Matebook E plus a pair of traditional named laptops Matebook D and Matebook X.

The information available on the three convertibles is actually few and uneven. For the moment we only know that Matebook E will be an update of the current version based on Intel Core processors of Cherry Trail generation and class M and on 4 GB of RAM, which Matebook D will have a 12.5-inch display in 3: 2 format, and that Matebook X will offer a 15-inch display and Intel Core processors i5 accompanied by 8 GB of RAM.

Not clear when the three new devices will be announced, but Microsoft has just removed the veils at the Creators Update, the latest version of Windows 10 that brings improvements and optimizations to the Redmond operating system. possible that Huawei wants join the group of producers ready to market their PCs in conjunction with the update.


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