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Huawei Mate 40, a "touch screen" display around the camera? The idea in a patent

Huawei Mate 40, a "touch screen" display around the camera? The idea in a patent

Until today the smartphone with dual display they didn't get who knows what happened. However, according to the latest news, it appears that Huawei is attempting a new approach, as emerged in a patent.

huawei mate 40 display

As revealed by the Letsgodigital portal, the Shenzhen giant would be working on a kind of "ring" which surrounds the rear camera and actually becomes a touch display. In the patent it turns out that the phone in question should be the Mate 40: a detail that is not surprising, given that the Mate 30 Pro was already equipped with a "rounded" photographic sector.

The possible "touch display" of the Huawei Mate 40 could serve for view notifications, answer calls, check the volume of the smartphone, use the zoom of the camera app and read other information, such as the arrival of a new message. It would be one exceptional novelty and never seen so far, but it should be emphasized that we are faced with a patent: as is known, in most cases patents do not come to fruition.

The patent was filed in China in mid-2019. The approval came on March 20, 2020 with the subsequent inclusion in the Global Design Database of WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Office. 15 product designs are available, and a color image has been added to the patent, which shows five different functions. Also included in the patent is a kind of explanatory page of a sales brochure.

Waiting to understand a little more and maybe get some further information from the Chinese giant, Huawei fans can console themselves with the new P40 series phones, which will be announced today by the Shenzhen company. Both will have the Kirin 990 with 5G support.

Source Gizchina