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Huawei introduces Huawei Card: it remembers Apple Card "very closely"

Huawei ha copiato l’Apple Card

Huawei has announced its credit card, a payment card that arrives exactly one year after the Apple Card. The electronic payment instrument is obviously called " "Huawei Card" and incorporates various features already seen on the Apple Card. The number on the physical card is different from the one to be used online and neither is printed on the actual card. a system of cashback (a partial refund of the expense incurred when purchased on affiliated sites and stores) and obviously allows you to take advantage of Huawei Pay, the payment system that has characteristics similar to Apple Pay.

One of the differences with Apple Pay that Huawei requires an annual fee; interesting instead the integrated NFC chip (possible to make contactless payments using Apple Pay on iPhone or Apple Watch) for contactless payments, without introducing the cards in traditional POS (Point of Sale) and without typing the PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, announced the Huawei Card during the Chinese event for the presentation of the "premium" P40 and P40 Pro smartphones. The company reports that the phones will store data in the secure enclave which handles mobile payments. Supporting the new card and NFC payments is China UnionPay, the only credit card issuer authorized in the People's Republic of China.

Huawei copied the Apple Card

To entice users reports Engadget, the card exempt from paying the fee for the first year, and the second will be free if you spend a certain amount with Huawei Pay. Benefits are also offered for travelers; after having spent a certain amount, you can access without a ticket at lounge (areas that offer guests a range of comforts and services) of stations and airports.

The card has so far only been announced. No details were revealed as to when it will actually hit the market.

All you need to know about Apple Card summarized in this article. Instead starting from this page there is a guide on how to use Apple Pay in Italy.