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HTC Touch, HTC also has the ‘€ œour’ iPhone

Some features immediately refer to the iPhone, such as the 2 Megapixel camera, connectivity to GSM / GPRS / EDGE Tri-band networks (no 3G), Wi-Fi, (IEEE 802.11 b / g) and Bluetooth 2.0. Compatible with microSD memory cards, includes a 1GB card, in addition to 128 Mb of ROM and 64 Mb of RAM.

The interface also takes place in this case on a touch-sensitive screen thanks to TechFLO technology. In a demo available on the official website, it is possible to observe the operation of this system, which allows you to select screens, rotate the menus with three-dimensional transitions and navigate inside of windows and web pages. Alternatively, you can use the classic nib to perform the same actions.

Finally, HTC Touch based on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system, complete with Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile, Windows Live. Web browsing takes place with Internet Explorer and compatibility with Direct Push Email is ensured.

Stylistically, the mobile phone is very reminiscent of the Apple mobile phone, with rounded and tapered lines, smooth surface and minimalist design, although in our opinion it has a less elegant and more stocky shape than the iPhone.

The colors to choose from will be black or light green. Already available in the UK at a price of 319.99 Pounds (about 470 Euros) it will also be marketed in Asia and continental Europe within this month, at the price (it seems) of 449 Euros.

For the American launch it will be necessary to wait for the second half of 2007. So, at least for the next few months, the battle between Apple and HTC will be more of a challenge from a distance, given that the iPhone will only arrive in Europe next autumn.