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HTC counterattacks and denounces Apple

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A few months ago, Apple reported HTC. According to Cupertino, the Taiwanese company would have used some patents registered for iPhone without having the right to do so. The patents for which Apple boasts the rights range from interface details (such as the phone unlocking system with gestural graphics) to technical elements (such as energy saving), to graphics and interface elements of the iPhone. Two months after the Apple complaint, HTC goes on the counterattack with a complaint lodged with the International Trade Commission (a US government agency that – among other things – protects the market from unfair practices) in which the Cupertino company accused of infringing five patents.

Jason Mackenzie, vice president of HTC's North American office, said the Taiwanese company was the first to launch "a device with Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition in 2002" and "the creator of the first smartphone with Android in 2008". The complaint was allegedly made to protect "intellectual property, industry partners, and (…) customers". HTC has not commented on the patents it allegedly infringed, but has asked ITC to block the import and sales of the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

As we have already said on other occasions, the practice of counterselecting an opponent who has already, in turn, produced a customary judicial action very common in the USA; it basically serves to balance the lawsuits and to engage the rival's college of lawyers, creating a new front on which to possibly build a negotiation.

Recall that in addition to HTC, the International Trade Commission is evaluating causes and counter causes between Apple and Nokia.

(By Mauro Notarianni)