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HP, the new dimensions of Mobility

Giampiero Savorelli HP Mobility

Mobility has transformed the concepts of space and time, revolutionizing business processes. Hp, introduces the new devices

Mobility has transformed the concepts of space and time, revolutionizing business processes. We can work anywhere and always, while managing personal commitments. Mobile devices are increasingly numerous, technologies are becoming more widespread and objects become intelligent and connected with the Internet of Things. This context, so flexible, leads to great challenges, requires supervision of processes and discipline begins with Carlo Alberto Carnevale-Maff talking about mobile technologies. HP is directly experiencing this transformation phase: In January 2015 we announced eight new products, focusing on three aspects: reliability, design and safety. Our goal is to help companies adopt these tools, explains Giampiero Savorelli, PPS Category Director of HP Italy. They are devices with both Windows and Android operating systems, software to manage content and geolocation, and proprietary security solutions.

Giampiero Savorelli HP Mobility In the enterprise world, mobility must simplify and improve business processes. In this logic HP has created customized solutions aimed at vertical sectors such as education and healthcare. We have launched two devices for the education world, a tablet for healthcare, robust solutions with a certificate of resistance for the manufacturing and logistics sector, summarizing Savorelli. The world of education, for example, one of the sectors in which HP has worked most in the last year, with a strong expansion in terms of IT infrastructure, both back and front end. the result was the HP Pro 10 EE tablet, which supports dual Windows and Android operating systems; has a reinforced case, can fall from 1.5 meters from the ground without damage and resistant to liquids. It has its own keyboard and can be used as a notebook. It goes with the HP School Pack software, which helps you manage lessons, learn English, face queries, practice quizzes, etc. … all wirelessly. Schools are ready to migrate to devices of this type. We have agreements with Intel and Microsoft to offer complete integrated solutions, able to adapt to every need, explains Giampiero Savorelli.

Mobility's flagship products include the HP Elite X2 1011, a 10-inch tablet two in one with Windows 8 and a keyboard. It has an autonomy of up to 16 hours and meets the different needs of those who need tablets with pen and those who prefer a notebook instead. Completely in aluminum, it weighs only one kilo and 50 grams and its resistance is certified with military standards. It allows the graphometric signature to be affixed, a highly requested application in the banking, insurance and commercial sectors. a notebook that guarantees maximum freedom of movement, but also offers a desktop experience thanks to the integrated keyboard. Another growing need is to always have the best possible connectivity and ease of use. For this reason, among the devices presented by HP, there is a docking station with an elegant cube-shaped design, without wires. Automatically connect the tablet to the office network and view an external monitor using mouse and keyboard. Finally, the two tablets of the Slate range deserve a special mention, with screens of 8 and 12.5 inches respectively. They address business users, integrate security technologies, have aluminum houses and a high screen resolution. Through a special dual-pen they allow you to take notes directly on a tablet or on a traditional sheet of paper, transferring them to the device files.