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HP, renovated workstations and new products for virtual reality

hp z4 workstation

HP has announced that it will equip its best-selling, high-performance workstation, the HP Z4, with a range of Intel Xeon or Core X processors and support for two Extreme Graphics GPUs. The company also announced 3D color printers.

At the SOLIDWORKS World event, HP announced that it will equip its best-selling and high-performance workstation, the HP Z4, with a range of Intel Xeon or Core X processors and support for two Extreme Graphics GPUs. The company also announced its 3D color printers, demonstrating the breadth of end-to-end solutions offered by HP for product developers.

The renewed Z4 workstation, our latest HP Windows Mixed Reality viewer and the new VR services and solutions, easy to use and designed for customers, will transform the way products are developed in any sector, he has declared Gwen Coble, director of the Workstations division, Thin Clients, Retail Solutions and Immersive Computing by HP Inc for the EMEA area. In the last year, HP launched workstations among the most powerful in the world, one of the most powerful convertible PCs and the first professional VR backpack ever made. Today's announcement reflects the special attention we place on continuous innovation, with a portfolio of workstations and VR capabilities that make incredible new experiences possible, capable of redefining the future of computer use.

The HP Z4 workstation

The HP Z4 workstation, ideal for design, simulation, rendering and virtual reality (VR), ensures exceptional performance for a wide range of applications. It can easily handle tasks that require high-frequency processing, multiple CPU cores and high-power dual GPUs. In addition to Intel Xeon W class processors, the Z4 workstation can now also be configured with Intel Core X processors available with up to 18 cores and up to two Extreme Graphics GPUs for an unprecedented level of performance and productivity. Thanks to a system developed specifically for simulation-based design and VR content creation, users can seamlessly switch between design and simulation and visualization.

hp z4 workstation

The professional VR viewer

HP also introduced the HP Windows Mixed Reality – Professional Edition viewer. This VR viewer offers an extraordinary immersive experience thanks to the 1440 × 1440 resolution per eye and a refresh rate up to 90 Hz. Users will appreciate the six degrees of freedom, the absence of movement limits and the included wireless controllers. For companies, this viewer is the perfect combination of comfort and practicality, as it comes with easy-to-clean and replaceable face pads. In addition, it features a double-padded headband, an easy-to-use adjustment knob and a front-hinged display for an excellent experience for one or more users.

To address a number of issues associated with developing and delivering VR experiences, HP has shared details on HP VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine. The VR kit was created to accelerate decisions, dramatically simplifying VR development for design visualization. It allows users to quickly determine optimal computer configurations, reduce VR preparation days with Datasmith (which automates the optimization of 3D design resources for the Unreal development environment) and immediately execute common interactions, such as the explosion of parts and the cross sections of the models. HP VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine, a suite of tools based on Unreal Engine, was developed for companies by HP, Intel and Epic Games. The new products that have recently become part of the end-to-end hardware solution HP for product development includes HP Z desktop workstations (including HP Z8, among the most powerful workstations on the planet), the new HP ZBook portable workstations (including the HP ZBook X2, among the first and most powerful convertible workstations in the world7 ) and HP Z VR Backpack, the world's first wearable PC for VR applications.

hp workstation and virtual reality