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How to watch Streaming Movies on iPad and iPhone

How to watch Streaming Movies on iPad and iPhone


How to watch Streaming Movies on iPad and iPhone

If you own an Apple tablet you will certainly want to see some nice ones streaming movies taking advantage of one of the many applications available on the AppStore that allow you to view many films legally directly on yours iPad using the Wi-Fi connection or the data connection. The biggest problem is the format in which the videos must be played on Apple devices but the problem has been circumvented by converting the videos in real time which allows for a streaming that is more fluid than ever.

So here are the best applications to legally stream movies on our iPad or iPhone.

Download StreamToMe

StreamToMe my favorite, not only because it is available for iOS but also because it is for both MAC and Windows with the possibility of creating a server through the special app that will deal with the real-time conversion of the video and with the second app that will have the task of transmitting the streaming on the iPad display.

Among the many features of StreamToMe we find the possibility of inserting subtitles as well as being very stable and fluid in streaming. Not only that, it integrates with iTunes, iPhone and even mirroring on Apple TV via AirPlay. It is also possible to watch films even under a data connection, so when we are away from home. L'app costs 2.69 euros but it's all well spent money.

Download Air Video HD

Air Video HD simple to use without difficult and complicated settings with the possibility of having subtitles and a remarkable audio quality. Just install the server available for Windows and MAC and install the app on iOS to start streaming. Here too you can watch streaming movies with data connectivity. Air Video HD costs 2.69 euros.

Download Air Playit HD

Air Playit HD the latest app that we present today and which combines the simple and sparse interface with the free of charge. Here too we can see films under Wi-fi or data connection with the support of over 320 formats with the usual app server to be installed on Windows or MAC. The settings are many with a discreet quality. Air Playit HD available for free available on the App Store.

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