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How to view iPhone in My Computer

How to view iPhone in My Computer

view iPhone in My Computer

If your iPhone is not recognized by the PC to open the data it contains, here are some suggestions that could solve the problem e view iPhone in My Computer. Some iPhone owners don't like iTunes because it's not very direct. But what should they do if they want to access the photos stored on their iPhone? Apple offers a way for users to explore the camera's library through My Computer's PC, which together with iCloud backup, makes it unnecessary to use iTunes.

View iPhone in My Computer

However, as in the whole world of technology, things do not always work as expected. Some users may be surprised that their iPhone is not displayed in My Computer when they are connected. Don't worry, because there are solutions that allow the Windows PC to view your iPhone. Let's find out how.

Use a certified Lightning cable

Before moving on, it is worth remembering that you need to use only the Lightning cable that came with your iPhone from Apple, or a certified Lightning cable. Some of the cheaper Lightning cables offer only the possibility of charging the phone without any possibility of transferring data. If you use a Lightning cable that does not offer data transfer functionality, it is more than likely that your iPhone will not be detected by the PC. You can buy an official Lightning cable from Apple or Amazon. Read our reviews.

Authorize your computer

Authorize your computer

When you connect your iPhone to the Windows PC, you should see a message on the iPhone asking you if you want to "authorize" the computer. The authorization of a computer allows full access to your iPhone and all its data, which we want to have here. Unlock your iPhone and click "authorize"When the message is displayed. Although it should only appear once, we have noticed that it could appear every time you connect the iPhone to the PC, so even if it has already been authorized, keep an eye on the pop-up to reconfirm the authorization .

Install any updates and restart the PC

If you are sure that you are using a certified Lightning cable and that the authorized computer, the next step is to install any updates available on your PC. It could be an update to iTunes or even Windows itself. To check an iTunes update, open iTunes, click Help> Check for updates and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

For Windows 10 updates, just go to Start> Settings> Updates and Security> Windows Update and select "Check for updates"It is also worth updating the iOS software, as Apple can release bugs within the operating system and the current version of iOS can be affected. To check if an update is available for your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Software update.After updating iTunes, Windows 10 and iPhone, it is necessary to restart the PC. Once restarted, you should view iPhone in My Computer. If not, continue reading for the next solution.

Update iPhone drivers

Update iPhone drivers

If you have verified that your PC does not allow you to view your iPhone in My Computer, there is only one possible solution, that of updating the iPhone drivers. This is the most technical solution of the three that we offer, although not very complicated. To update iPhone drivers, the first step is to connect your iPhone to the PC, so go to Control panel> Hardware and sound. Once opened, locate the device in the section "Apple iPhone". Click the right mouse button and select properties. A new window will appear – click on the tab Hardware, choose properties and then click Change settings.

Control panel

A new window must be opened. Select the tab Driver and then click "Update driver". From here you can search the web for the latest iPhone drivers or direct them to the folder where iPhone drivers are stored in iTunes. For most users, this will be C: Programs Common Files Apple Support Mobile Device Drivers, but it will depend on the default installation location. Once identified, click OK and then on Come on. You will see one of two messages: "iPhone drivers are already updated" or "a new driver will be installed". If this last option appears, your iPhone should appear in the My computer shortly after driver installation.

iphone in computer resources

You are now in a position to view iPhone in My Computer and open the files on it. To do this you have to go into This Pc and on the iPhone icon click on the right button and from the menu click on You open.

Now you can view iPhone in My Computer

this pc

To open the iPhone files on the computer, click Internal Storage and then on DCIM and then the folders containing the photos of your Library or those on iCloud will appear.

This all. Even without using iTunes, you can now view iPhone in My Computer and you can manage your photos by copying them to your computer or doing anything else. You may also be interested in a guide that lets you transfer music from PC to iPhone without iTunes.