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How to use Xiaomi Mi Band on iPhone and iOS

How to use Xiaomi Mi Band on iPhone and iOS


Xiaomi Mi Band: the iOS application is finally available How to use Xiaomi Mi Band on iPhone and iOS

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After a long wait, Xiaomi Mi Band finally becomes compatible with iPhone and iOS in general. Xiaomi's smartband can finally be connected with all Apple devices and also allows owners of an iOS device to use a cheap and functional smartband, certainly better than many similar but much more expensive products.

As you may know, the appXiaomi Mi Band for iPhone had been in development for a few months, but only a few hours ago Xiaomi has published the application for the Mi Band wrist band also compatible with the iOS operating system, indicating for the moment only the latest iPhone 6 among the compatible devices. We hope that the support will soon be extended to the whole Apple range and not just to the iPhone 6.

The launch of Xiaomi Mi Band for iOS was made official through the Chinese Weibo network and the official app of Xiaomi Mi Band for iPhone can be downloaded directly via a QR to be scanned with the smartphone's camera.

The functions should not differ too much from the version already available for Android: by pairing the Xiaomi Mi Band with your iPhone 6, in fact, you can monitor sleep, some daily activities, pedometer and alarm clock function, vibration on the arrival of some notifications and finally the whole section dedicated to counting calories.

As mentioned, to download Xiaomi Mi Band for iPhonejust frame the QRcode of the photo with the camera and the download will take place automatically.

I haven't tried the Xiaomi Mi Band iPhone app, but it seems to me that it is currently ONLY available in Chinese. I update you as soon as I have news but, if it were, the utility would be practically nothing for us Italian users. As said, however, I will give you confirmation as soon as I have more details about it.

I still remember that the version of the Xiaomi Mi Band program for Android not only has it been translated into English, but it also allows you to receive more notifications than iOS, which for now is slightly more limited than its counterpart for Android.

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