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How to use WhatsApp account on two phones

How to use WhatsApp account on two phones

Currently the WhatsApp app does not allow you to keep an account active on two different phones at the same time. As you know, when you need to activate the messaging app on a second phone, you need to deactivate it from the first one. This is a big limitation of this app, because by activating a second account, you won't be able to have all the chats in one place. There are also other limitations of this app, like the one of not being able to install WhatsApp on Android tablet without SIM. But nothing impossible with technology, so acceptable solutions have been found to bridge the structural limitations of this app. As for this limitation of not being able to activate WhatsApp on two phones with the same number, we found a remedy that we are going to explain in this guide.

If you have tried to use the same account on another phone, you will have discovered that this is impossible, as the other account will automatically disconnect. This is a limitation that other messaging apps don't have. In fact, the Telegram, Messenger and Hangouts apps can easily be used on different devices using the same account. Fortunately there is a method, or rather a trick that allows you to use the same WhatsApp account on two different devices. If you have this need, keep reading this guide to find out how to use the same account WhatsApp on two phones.

How to use a single WhatsApp account on two phones with the same number

WhatsApp on two phones

As many know, WhatsApp registers an account using the mobile number. A specific telephone number is associated with each account. It implies, in simple terms, the impossibility of using a single account, associated with a single mobile number, on two different Android or iOS devices.

If you install a new WhatsApp app and try to enter your login credentials on another smartphone, the latter's mobile number will replace the one previously associated with the account. In this case the other device will be automatically disconnected. Fortunately, there is a simple – but ingenious – trick that allows you to circumvent this limitation and to use the same account on two or more devices.

Procedure to activate a WhatsApp account on a second phone

The procedure works on any type of smartphone (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) but requires the use of the Google Chrome app. If you have not already installed it on your smartphone, then you will need to download it from the official smartphone store. Without that, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

But first let's explain what it is. It is a very simple and also intuitive trick, because you will have to rely on WhatsApp Web. On one device you will have to install the official app and in the other you will need to install the official app, which can be opened with the same account. Here is the procedure to follow.

  1. Launch Google Chrome on the second mobile device;
  2. linked to the site clicking here:
  3. activate the desktop version of WhatsApp (on Google Chrome just press the three points at the top and enable the item "request desktop site").
  4. with the main smartphone, scan the QR code that will come out on the secondary phone.

This way you can use the same WhatsApp account on two phones. Of course, it is still an adaptation and therefore an unofficial solution, and sometimes mistakes could occur, but nothing to worry about, you can safely send and receive messages. The most interesting aspect is that you can participate in the same chats from both devices, because they will synchronize automatically.

Are there any drawbacks?

Well! This is not the best solution, also because there are no others, so you have to adapt. The drawbacks of this method, given that it is not an official solution, are there, but it is enough to know them to face them. You will be able to send and receive messages but not be able to use other features such as calls from WhatsApp. Another drawback that may occasionally occur is that of having to re-verify the telephone number. Also note that the desktop version is not optimized for the phone, so you will see the chat text with a fairly small font.

Other tricks to make the best use of WhatsApp

If you are a faithful user of WhatsApp, on this site you can discover other interesting tricks. You will find methods that favor the use of the instant messaging app even for illegal functions. In this case you may also be interested in the following articles that we propose below.

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