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How to use iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC

How to use iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC

One of the most interesting services of the Apple system iCloud. In addition to the useful cloud data storage service from all Apple devices, it also allows you to create, edit and access documents compatible with the suite iWork, consisting of applications Pages, Numbers is Keynotedirectly from your computer browser,Mac or PC. In this article we see how to use iWork for iCloud on Mac and PCwithout buying any application.

This service is not new in the cloud landscape, in fact it was released by Apple publicly in 2013 together withiOS 7 is OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The characteristics of this very interesting suite are not exclusive to Apple, but were born to counteract the success of Google Drive, allowing the user to access their documents even when they do not have their Mac or iOS device with them.

A practical use of this service could be in the office, where in most cases there are only PCs with Windows installed. In this way Apple expands its user base for professional services, going to compete with the aforementioned Google Drive and with the most famous suite Microsoft Office. If you still don't use this cloud service and are sure to try it, these are the steps you need to perform.

  • Start your browser from your PC or Mac and access the address
  • In the main screen a window will appear in which you must enter your credentials iCloud. If you do not have an iCloud account you can create it very simply by clicking on the link below the credential box.

iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC 1After logging in, you will find yourself in front of a screen with icons from which you can access all your iCloud services. Among other icons, you will also find Pages, Numbers is Keynote. For those who have never used these three applications, Pages allows you to edit text documents, Numbers spreadsheets while Keynote allows the creation of presentations. These applications are part of a suite and we see how to use iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC.

iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC 2

Clicking on one of the three icons of the Apple suite will load a new page, which contains, if any, all your documents stored on iCloud previously. From here we can decide to open and edit an existing document, or create a new one, perhaps by choosing a theme already preset by Apple.

iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC 3

While we are in mode editing, the documents are automatically saved and synchronized with our iCloud account, so that, by starting the application Pages, Numbers or Keynote on Mac, Windows or iOS, all our documents can be read or edited.

iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC 4

This function of iWork for iCloud on Mac and PC, as we said, is not an Apple exclusive or a novelty, because we already know and perhaps already use Google Drive which provides the same service. It is an expansion of the possibilities of choice and this can only please users who have a Mac at home or at work but who carry out their work in multiple locations, avoiding to carry documents on which to work.