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How to use "Approve with Apple Watch" in macOS Catalina

How to use "Approve with Apple Watch" in macOS Catalina

Apple has made it very easy to authenticate app installations, unlock a note or simply view the list of passwords in Safari, thanks to macOS Catalina,watchOS 6 and Apple Watch.

Call "Approve with Apple Watch“, This function is very useful in many situations. This function is particularly useful for those using an older Mac without Touch ID. Just double click on the side button on Apple Watch and the game done.

Authorize with Apple Watch

How to configure Approve with Apple Watch:

There is absolutely not much to set up to start using this feature. There are only four things we need to take into account:

  • Our Apple Watch must run watchOS 6
  • Our Mac needs to run macOS Catalina
  • Both the Mac and the Apple Watch have the same Apple ID
  • WiFi and Bluetooth must be activated (both on Apple Watch and on Mac)

Apart from that, we will have to have two-factor authentication enabled for our iCloud account, for security reasons. In addition, our Apple Watch must be set to unlock the Mac whenever we are nearby.

By default, when we set up MacOS Catalina for the first time, we will be asked if we want to use Apple Watch to unlock the Mac. If you don't have it enabled during the first configuration, you can do it manually.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • We open System Preferences
  • We select Security and privacy
  • On the General tab we click on the following option: Use Apple Watch to unlock apps and Macs

Authorize with Apple Watch 2

Once all the steps have been completed, we can close System Preferences and try the new Approve function with Apple Watch. To check that the function is active, we try to access our list of passwords in Safari:

  • Let's start Safari
  • Click on Safari in the menu bar
  • Let's look at Preferences
  • We select Password
  • Our Apple Watch will give us a couple of quick taps using the Taptic Engine on the wrist. We double-click on the side button on Apple Watch to approve and view our passwords.

This is just one of the many operations that the new function can perform. In addition to this, if in the Notes app there is a blocked note, just select the note and the Apple Watch will ask us to double-click on the side button to authenticate.

Have you tried the new feature? Let us know in the comments