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How to use Animoji on iPhone

use Animoji on iPhone

This is a complete guide on Apple's Animoji function for iPhone, including how to record, save and share them on social networks like Facebook or YouTube. Even like sharing Animoji if your iPhone doesn't support them. When Apple introduced its iPhone X in 2017, one of the most popular features was Animoji, which allows you to create cute animated videos of various animals and creatures with your face and send them to your friends. If you are not familiar with their management, here is one complete guide that will help you use Animoji on iPhone.

How to use Animoji on iPhone

The iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Macs use the TrueDepth cameras to record Animoji, imitating facial expression and head movement to create an audio message in the guise of that character. (The TrueDepth camera is also used for Face ID face recognition).

Animoji are animated emojis that mimic your facial expression and in this article we explain everything you need to know about their use. Since then, Animoji has evolved into Memoji, which are characters that you can design to look like you, these can be used similarly to Animoji.

How to register an Animoji

If you have an iPhone with one Face ID camera, or an iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Mac, everything you need to register an Animoji a face, which can be yours, and the Messages app.

  • Open the app Messages.
  • Add recipient details in the "TO".
  • Touch the icon for the Apps (the A next to the text entry bar).
  • Choose the icon Memoji stickers from the collection of icons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll down Animoji options left until you find the one you like, or select New Memoji on the left to create your personalized Memoji. To see more Animoji options at once, scroll up, just above the bottom of the page.
register an Animoji
  • Lift the phone and look at the screen frontally. If your face is not well framed, you will see a yellow box. Position the phone so that your face is in line with the camera.
  • Notice how the character reflects your head, mouth and face movement.
  • To record your message (with audio) touch the red button.
  • Can record for up to 30 seconds. (If you want to record a longer message, you will need to merge several clips using an app like iMovie).
how to register an Animoji
  • Press the red square to stop recording; if you reach the time limit, it will stop automatically.
  • You can play the recording before sending it. If you don't like what you've recorded, you can delete it by tapping the trash icon.
  • To listen to the recording again, tap Play.
  • If you want to check how your registration appears with another Animoji, just select another one and the recording will be reproduced with that Animoji. You can also switch to another Animoji character by scrolling sideways on the recording.
send an Animoji
  • When you're ready to send, touch the up arrow or simply touch the Animoji.
  • When you play an Animoji before sending it to check that it is ok, the sound is also played. But once it has been sent and is in the message thread, the audio is disabled by default, both for you and for the recipient (well recorded, simply the audio is not reproduced). To activate the sound, tap the speaker icon.

How to save an Animoji

There video creation Animoji it can be a lot of fun, but what if you don't want to flood your friends with your attempts. frustrating to think that, since they are inside the Messages app, the only obvious thing to do after creating an Animoji is to send one to your friend as a message.

Fortunately you can use your Animoji in other ways, you just have to save them in Photos first. We'll explain how to do it.

  • Before creating your Animoji, start a conversation with yourself. In the To: field, start typing your mobile number (or the email address you set for iMessage).
  • Create your Animoji according to the instructions above.
  • Send the Animoji to yourself.
  • Now find the Animoji in the message thread and press on the Animoji until you see the options for Copy and Save.
  • Tap Save.
save an Animoji
  • Now open the Photos app and you will see your Animoji video.
  • At this point you can share your Animoji video on a social network like Facebook or YouTube.

How to share Animoji on social media

After registering them, you can share an Animoji as a video on any social network. Here's how:

  • You must create your Animoji as you saw above and save it in your photo library.
  • Open the Animoji video in Photo.
  • Touch the sharing icon.
  • Scroll through the various sharing options until you find the one for your favorite social network.
  • Tap that icon and choose Public to publish a video of that Animoji.

How to send an Animoji sticker

You don't necessarily have to send an animated recording. You can also simply send an Animoji sticker, essentially a picture of yours like Animoji.

  • As above, open Messages and add recipient details in the To field.
  • Touch the icon for the Apps (the A next to the text entry bar) and choose the monkey icon.
  • Choose an Animoji / Memoji.
  • Look at the iPhone and pose.
  • Touch the Animoji until it appears in the message field above. Press on the Animoji and drag it into the message field.
  • This will automatically send the Animoji sticker to the recipient.

How to use Animoji on iPhone 8 or earlier

Before iOS 13, iPhone 8 and earlier did not have the possibility to manage Animoji, but with the latest update of the operating system, the function for Animoji and Memoji was inserted on the iPhone. Although users of these iPhones are unable to create animations, they can use Animoji stickers.

In fact, Animoji and Memoji stickers are available wherever emojis can be used. So, if you are bored of small yellow faces, you can switch to sharks with a heart for eyes or a poop with a head that explodes if this is your favorite genre.

use Animoji on iPhone 8

How to make Animoji videos on iPhone 8 or earlier

nice that Apple gave older phones the chance to have some fun with Animoji, but let's face it, you won't register a version of Queen's Bohemiam Rhapsody on one of these older phones.

Officially, Animoji only supported by the iPhone with a TrueDepth camera, this is the camera required for Face ID. Apple claims that Animoji uses the IR sensor and depth of the X-series iPhones for better accuracy and would not work as well on another iPhone.

So if you don't have this camera on your phone, you can't copy facial expressions to generate an Animoji movie.

Therefore, it is not possible to record Animoji on an iPhone 8 or earlier, but it is possible to replicate the effect with alternative Animoji, or it is possible to falsify them by searching for Animoji that have been created by others.

Find and share a pre-made Animoji

You can send an Animoji from your iPhone using image search in Messages and obtaining a GIF.

  • On your iPhone, open Messages.
  • Touch the A. icon
  • Touch the image icon (a red icon with a magnifying glass).
  • In the Find images search field, type Animoji.
share an Animoji
  • Choose an Animoji GIF.
  • Send it normally by tapping the blue arrow.

Now the Animoji and Memoji no longer have any secrets. I hope this article was useful to send this new form of messages even if you don't have the latest version of iPhone.