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How to upload videos to YouTube from Android Guide

Downloading videos from YouTube is certainly pleasant and fun, but it could be just as interesting to be able to upload them, that is, to make videos with your Android device and make them available to other users through the famous video portal. At the end of this article it will be easier for everyone upload a video to YouTubeas well as play live videos.

What you need to do to upload a video to YouTube with Android

The creation of a Google Account

The first operation to do for upload a video to YouTube create a special channel, called your "YouTube channel"; this is a fairly simple operation which in any case requires registration on Google. For open a Google Account necessary to proceed as follows:

  • open the phone settings marked by the gear icon;
  • click on Account and select the item “Add Account";
  • select the item “Google"And then choose the option"Create an account";
  • proceed by entering all the required data, including the data necessary for access to the account.

It is understood that each user must already be in possession of a Valid Email Address; otherwise you need to create one. Google allows this through the well-known Gmail.

Creating a YouTube channel

Once you have a Google Account you need to download the YouTube application, simple operation that can be performed through the Play Store; at this point you just have to proceed as follows:

  • start the YouTube application; YouTube
  • click on the icon depicting a little man, located at the top right;
  • select the item “My channel";
  • choose the option "Create channel".

At this point, the device will create a channel using your name.

How to upload a video to YouTube with Android

Using the appropriate YouTube application, you can upload a video by following the instructions below:

  • click on the icon that represents a camera;
  • proceed by selecting the video you intend to upload;
  • click on the icon that represents a magic wand and select the filter you intend to use for the execution of the video (optional);
  • click on the icon that represents a musical note to select a piece of music (optional);
  • choose the title and add a description of the movie;
  • set the visibility by choosing among the items "Public", ie visible to all, "Private", ie visible only to a series of selected users and "Not listed", ie visible only to all those who have the video link;
  • click on the icon that represents a paper airplane to upload the video to YouTube.

How to make a live video on YouTube with Android

In addition to being able to upload videos, you can make videos live footage via the YouTube app; in this case it is important to proceed as follows:

  • click on the photo at the top right and select the item "Creator Studio";
  • choose the item "Live Streaming";
  • click on "Start";
  • allow the application of check the YouTube channel that you are going to use by choosing between sending a verification code via SMS or with a voice message;
  • Enter the verification code and press "Send".

At this point you enter "Live streaming" mode.


Upload a video to YouTube using an Android device therefore possible, exactly as happens with a normal PC or with an iOS device. The operations to be carried out are few and simple, as long as you have an email address and a Google account.

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