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How to upload photos to Instagram directly from PC or Mac

How to upload photos to Instagram directly from PC or Mac

The Instagram mobile web application was recently launched by the company, which allows you to share photos with your friends directly from your mobile browser. That's right, you no longer need the Instagram app on your smartphone just to share some photos. Well, that's good news, but we have even better news. What if we said you could upload photos directly from your computer without needing a smartphone? We are sure that you are already excited and this is exactly what we will help you with. The web app currently only available for mobile browsers, but there is an alternative solution to make it work on your computer. So, without further ado, let's take a look at How can you upload photos to Instagram directly from your PC:

Uploading to Instagram using Google Chrome

The method we are going to try here, basically, causes your browser to open Instagram's new mobile web app interface in a matter of seconds. Simply follow the steps below to achieve this on the world's most popular web browser, Google Chrome:

  • Once Chrome opens, click on the menu button to three points at the top right of the browser, then click "New window navigation in incognito" to open it. Although this step is not necessary, it is strongly recommended to use an incognito browsing window to ensure the complete security of your Instagram account.

  • Now, click on the button again three-dot menu button and go up Other tools -> Developer tools .

  • Once you are done, go to the Instagram site and access simply to your Instagram account . Well, there are no surprises here as you will only see the basic desktop site with no upload functionality. Now, click tablet-cum-phone icon next to "Elements" and you will finally be able to try the complete mobile web app and upload all your favorite photos from your computer, without the need for a smartphone.

Uploading to Instagram using Safari

Mac users, we haven't forgotten you. You can also enjoy these benefits simply by following the steps below:

  • Launch the Safari browser and go to Safari -> Preferences . A new window will appear on the screen.

  • Go to the file "Advanced" and if you now check at the bottom of the window, you will see an option for "Show development menu in menu bar" . Make sure to check this option.

  • Similar to the incognito mode on Chrome, it is highly recommended to open one private window on Safari, before proceeding to the next step. You can do this simply by going up File -> New private window .

  • Now go to the Instagram site and log in to your Instagram account. Once done, go to Development -> User Agent and click "Safari – iOS 10 – iPhone" .

  • That's pretty much everything, because you will finally see an option to upload photos to your Instagram account from your Mac.

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Upload photos to Instagram without a smartphone

We are pretty sure that you liked this solution. Photographers in particular might appreciate it, because it's a hassle to transfer photos to your smartphone from your computer, just to have them uploaded to Instagram. This solution is sure to save part of your precious time. So, are you ready to try this trick alone or are you still waiting for the Instagram web app to be made available for desktops? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a few words in the comments section below.