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How to unsubscribe from advertising emails in Gmail

cancellarsi da email pubblicitarie

unsubscribe from advertising emails

We have all created an email address. Certainly you will have come across dozens of spam emails clogging your mailbox daily. Just give an additional consent when registering to a site and we will immediately start receiving their newsletter. The problem is becoming increasingly worrying and annoying. Managing an email box is increasingly difficult and frustrating with dozens of advertisements that clog up our mailbox. If you are also looking for a solution, continue reading this guide to find out how unsubscribe from advertising emails.

I have come to know of a method that allows to cancel the registration from spam emails that I receive daily. The system is completely automated and will take care of eliminating subscriptions from newsletters to which we are voluntarily or involuntarily registered. Before going on, however, you need to know that the method I will explain below is only compatible with a Gmail account. Therefore, if you have an e-mail address other than Gmail you will not be able to use the instructions in this guide. Are you ready? Here is the method to unsubscribe from advertising emails in Gmail.

How to unsubscribe from advertising emails in Gmail

What I found was a simple tool that will automatically scan your Gmail emails. It will search for a cancellation link (the famous one unsubscribe link present at the beginning or end of a newsletter). If this link is present in an email, the tool will open it automatically completing the deletion. In some cases, to complete the cancellation from the newsletter required to send an email to a special address. The tool will also take care of managing these particular cases, making the cancellation to the service completely transparent.

Council: As a precaution, when you need to subscribe to a web service that you probably won't use anymore, I suggest you read the guide on how to create a temporary disposable email address.

The big advantage of this solution that does not require the installation of any software, which generally have to ask permission to access your private emails. Everything will work within the Google ecosystem, so your emails will not be visible to prying eyes. Let's go to the point, and see immediately how unsubscribe from advertising emails and spam in Gmail.

Unsubscribe from advertising emails: the guide

  • Click on this link. A Google Drive sheet will open and you will need to add it to your Google account. It must be the same account from which you want to delete spam. Press the buttonCreate a copyto complete the operation.
Unsubscribe from advertising emails
  • Now from the upper menu of Google Drive, select the buttonGmail Unsubscriber and subsequently Configure.
Gmail Unsubscriber
  • You will be asked to authorize the tool to access your emails. Press the button Keep it going.
Authorize unsubscribe
  • A small window will open from which to select your Gmail account and confirm the granting of permits. If a warning appears that the app is not verified, click "advanced"And then up"Open Unsubscribe Gmail (unsafe)". Always give your consent by clicking on Allow.
  • You will receive an email confirming that theGmail Unsubscribe app has been linked to your Google account.
  • Inside Gmail a new label will be created which will be called Unsubscribe. Click on Save configuration. Now click on Close windows to close the window.
Save unsubscribe configuration

This all. The tool is now correctly configured and will work automatically. The only thing that you will need to assign a label Unsubscribe to the newsletters you want to unsubscribe from, and the service will do all the dirty work for you. If you are not familiar with Gmail labels, you can create them by accessing your account settings, then selecting the tab Labels and finally clicking on Create new label. When asked to enter a name for a label, enter Unsubscribe and click on Create.

create gmail label

Instead, to assign a label to an email via the Gmail web interface, you just need to select lemail (or open it), click the button with the image of a label and finally select label Unsubscribe just created and then the button apply.

Gmail label


You can assign a label to an email easily either via the Gmail web application or via the mobile app. Every 10/15 minutes Gmail Unsubscriber controllers such as emails are marked with this label and will proceed to cancel the service. All very simple. If you don't know how to solve the spam problem, then I suggest you give this service an opportunity.

Through the app Google Drive sheets that will be present among your documents, you can give a quick look at which services you have deleted correctly and if there was any problem with a particular email. The compilation of the list is done automatically by the system.

Should there be any problems, or you need more clarification, do not hesitate to write a comment at the end of this article.