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How to unlock Samsung smartphone with forgotten code

How to unlock Samsung smartphone with forgotten code

unlock Samsung smartphones

Forgot your Samsung smartphone's screen unlock code and don't know how to fix it? Don't worry, because in this article I'll show you how unlock Samsung smartphones and finally access your data. The only thing you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Until Android 4.4, by mistakenly entering the unlock code five times in a row, the smartphone gave the possibility to perform a code reset. To proceed, it was necessary to enter the credentials of the Google account connected to the device and the possibility of creating a new code was granted. In fact, this procedure was not very safe. For a hacker it was enough to know the Google account password to take possession of the phone and the data it contains.

How to unlock Samsung smartphone with forgotten unlock code

From Android 5.0, this unlock feature has been removed for security reasons. Therefore it is no longer possible to reset the unlock code when it is forgotten. But Samsung device owners weren't left alone in front of the problem. The company has in fact made available a feature called Find my mobile (Find personal device) that allows you to unlock your Android phone remotely. Not only that, with this function you will also be able to locate your smartphone remotely, make a backup of the data stored on the device on the Samsung Cloud, lock the screen and even prevent access to Samsung Pay.

The only pre-requisite of having a Samsung account and having logged in with it on the smartphone on which the screen unlock code has been forgotten. If you followed the whole setup procedure of a new Samsung smartphone, you have probably already created a Samsung account and logged in. If not, you cannot proceed with this guide and you will have to look for an alternative solution. Ultimately, you will need to format the device by losing all the data it contains, at least you will recover the phone.

The Samsung site that provides the functionality Find my mobile optimized for Desktop use. Therefore it is advisable to use a PC to perform this procedure, even if possible from another smartphone.

The procedure to unlock a Samsung smartphone

Here are the steps to be taken to unlock a Samsung smartphone if you have forgotten the screen unlock code (PIN, password, model, fingerprints and irises) and are no longer able to access the phone.

To use the service "Find personal deviceIt is necessary that some functions have been implemented: 1) You must have configured yours Samsung account on your device.2) You must have given Google the consent to detect your position and accept the terms and conditions on the use of wireless networks.

Only in this case you can use the procedure below.

Connect your computer to the internet and use the browser to access the Find My Mobile service page.

Find my mobile

Click on the button Log in and log in with your Samsung account, which must be the same one used on your smartphone when you first set up your smartphone.

samsung account

You will be directed to a new page, which will show you a map with the location of the smartphone. Useful if you lost it or you lost it the stolen year.

On the right, press the button Other, scroll through the list and then select Unlock my device.

Unlock my device
  • A popup will appear asking you to enter your Samsung account password. By confirming, the unlock code will be removed from your Samsung smartphone.
unlock samsung

Other smartphone manufacturers, unfortunately, have not invested in making a tool like Find My Mobile of Samsung. Therefore it is not possible to perform remote unlocking if you have a device from another manufacturer. In this case I suggest you read our guide on how to unlock Android phone.

By following this guide you will be able to unlock Samsung smartphones with a forgotten unlock code. If you do not have a Samsung account, then the only possibility is to perform a complete formatting of the device. This way you will lose all the data on your smartphone.