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How to uninstall tweak from Cydia

How to uninstall tweak from Cydia


Uninstall and remove tweak from Cydia: here is the complete guide | Erase tweak from Cydia on iPhone, iPod and iPad

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Here is the fastest way to uninstall Cydia Tweaks from iPhone, iPad and iPod without even opening Cydia

Have you already jailbroken your iPhone, iPod and iPad? Have you installed many inCydia tweaks on your smartphone or tablet and now you want to uninstall them? You don't know how to remove, delete and delete tweaks from Cydia? No problem, today we will explain how to do it delete and remove the various diCydia tweaks in an easy, fast and immediate way.

If, after jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod and iPad, you already have installed several Tweaks from Cydia to extend the functionality of your Apple device, you may need a faster system to uninstall everything that does not reflect your expectations and that you no longer want to have on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. In particular, today we will explain how to uninstall, remove and delete Cydia tweaks in an extremely easy and fast way.

As you know, the only "official" way to uninstall and remove tweaks from Cydia consists of opening the program, looking for the packages to be removed and proceeding with the manual removal. If this system seems too long and uncomfortable, however, know that now there is a faster system and it's calledPrefDelete.

PrefDelete a very simple Tweak, which you can find for free on Cydia in the BigBoss Repositoryand that allows you to quickly delete, uninstall and delete tweaks from Cydia on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Use this easy program: just enter Settings, scroll the screen to the list of installed Tweaks and hold on the label of the one you want to delete. At this point a popup will appear and, confirming with the Uninstall button, you will proceed with the removal of the tweak from your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Nothing could be simpler, and you won't even have to open Cydia to delete, remove and uninstall tweaks from iOS.

What we have just presented to you today the fastest way to remove and uninstall tweak from Cydia. The hope that the old CyDelete tweak will soon be made compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 (we will update you when it is released).

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