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How to transfer files from the Mac to an Android device

One of the best utilities of mobile devices is to always have with you any file that could be useful outside your home or work environment. If you have two devices on the same platform like an iPhone and a Mac, then it's easy to transfer files from your computer to the iDevice. If instead you have two devices that do not have the vocation to talk to each other like a Mac and an Android device, then things get complicated. Not at all obvious and immediate transfer files from Mac to an Android device. We in this guide have tried a modoper to make these two devices dialogue and allow to transfer any type of file from the Mac to an Android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

The simplest method that an Android phone allows you to do when you need to transfer files to it from Mac, that of moving them directly to the memory card present in the devices Android, which is read as if it were an external disk. This method involves removing the card from the phone, inserting it into a reader and connecting it to the Mac. Now you can transfer the files to the card that is seen as if it were an external storage device.transfer files from Mac to an Android device 1The other method that we propose to transfer files from the Mac to an Android device is to use a free software to install on the Mac, which allows the dialogue between these two devices of different platforms, and to avoid extracting the memory card from the phone.transfer files from your Mac to an Android device 2The software of which we speak completely free, is called Android File Transfer. After installing it on your Mac and connecting the Android device to your computer, it displays on the screen of the Mac all folders and files on your Android smartphone. So let's see how to transfer files in the following steps.

How to transfer files from the Mac to an Android device

  • First you need to install Android File Transfer on your Mac by downloading it from this link.You open androidfiletransfer.dmg etrascina Android File Transfer in applications.
  • Connect the Android device to your Mac using an original cableUSB present in the package of the mobile device;
  • Start the software on your Mac. After the first start, every time you connect your Android mobile device to your Mac, it will automatically recognize it;
  • If you have on your Android device ROOT permissions, on the Mac you will see a series of system folders that contain different types of files. Be careful to modify these files, because they could cause problems to the device. The advice I give you is to create new folders containing the files you wish to transfer.
  • If the device does not have permissions to ROOT, then you can safely change the folders that appear on the screen, because none of these contain system files.

At this point, regardless of whether you have a device with Root Permissions or not, you can freely manage all the files and transfer them from the Mac to an Android device, be it a tablet or a smartphone. You can browse the files and folders on the Android device and copy them up to the maximum size of 4GB.