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How to take screenshots on Moto [Motorola/Lenovo]

How to take screenshots on Moto [Motorola/Lenovo]

The new Lenovo Moto smartphones (brand that acquired Motorola and its devices) have a design that differs from the canons that you can find in other smartphones and boast a "clean" operating system with very few customizations and predefined apps (practically they have the identical operating system to that obtainable with a Nexus or Pixel). If you intend to make screens on your new Moto but you don't know how to do it, just read the following guide, where I will show you all the methods to farescreenshot on Moto.

The procedures described are fine both for the old Motorola Moto smartphones and with the new Lenovo-owned devices.

How to take screenshots on Moto

Screenshot from operating system

Like any modern Android device, the operating system offers a quick shortcut to be able to capture the screen of your phone at any time, so that you can quickly share the screenshot on social media or in some chat.

The shortcut to take screenshots on Moto smartphones practically identical to that of other smartphones: just hold down the button for 2 seconds Volume Gi and the power button simultaneously. If the screenshot is successful, you will see the "photo" effect of the current screen and a photograph icon will appear in the notification bar. By expanding the notification bar you can see the screenshot taken and some shortcuts.

screenshot on Moto 1

By pressing the Share button you can quickly share the screenshot on social networks or on some messaging app (WhatsApp, Telegram etc.) or use the Delete button to delete the screenshot. To see the full screenshot, just tap on the notification Screen capturedor open the app Gallery to see all the screenshots taken in the folder called screenshots.

screenshot on Moto 2

More apps screenshots on Moto

If the system integrated in the Moto device is not sufficient for your purposes, you can try one of the following apps to take screenshots on the Moto smartphone.

By choosing one of these apps you can not only make screenshots (even partial) and customize the shots but in many cases you can program the screenshots to be performed automatically or to record a video of everything you do on the screen.

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