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How to surf the Internet without landline from home

How to surf the Internet without landline from home

surfing the Internet without a landline

Do you live in a place where only the ADSL network is available with too low speeds? Can't you have a landline at home because the telephone network doesn't arrive? If you want to surf the Internet without a landline from your home you can refer to alternative solutions to the cable network, subscribing to one of the services recommended in this guide. Thanks to wireless technologies, it will be possible to browse without time or data on the Internet from home without having any landline.

Only the offers with unlimited data and without time constraints will be considered in the guide, so as to be able to worthily replace a home or office ADSL line.

Surf the Internet without a landline

In addition to the classic cable connections, they are also availablehome internet connections that do not use any landline: these are solutions that take advantage of the wireless technology with a dedicated modem, capable of receiving the internet signal from special transmitting antennas.

The technologies used

All operators that offer offers to surf the Internet without landline use wireless antennas very similar to those that provide the signal to modern smartphones. In fact the technologies adopted by the operators reflect the LTE standard (in most cases) or the LTE + standard (still available in a few cities, but with speeds comparable to optical fiber). Alongside these technologies it can also be used the WiMax standard, but in recent times LTE has been preferred due to the higher speed and stability of the signal.

The user will have an external antenna (installed by the authorized installer on the roof, on the balcony or outside a window) to orientate towards the operator's transmission antennas. A cable will carry the signal to the internal modem to provide Internet anywhere in the house.

Therefore, thanks to these special wireless waves, you will be able to surf on the Internet without a fixed line, generally at a better speed than ADSL (a lot depends on the distance of the antenna, the weather conditions and the orientation of the antenna).


surfing the Internet without a landline

One of the most convenient operators to surf the Internet without a landline is definitely Linkem. Linkem has always offered advantageous prices, it does not impose limits on traffic or timetables for navigation and can also be used for streaming and for downloading large files. The technologies used to connect customers wirelessly are LTE and WiMax. You can subscribe to a subscription or use the rechargeable mode, so as to top up your Linkem account like a SIM in comfort!

Currently the price of the Linkem offer of 24.90 per month forever and surf up to 30 Mega speed. If you want to check coverage you can use the link below.

LINK | Check Linkem coverage

If you want to subscribe to a new offer, you can use the following link.

LINK | Linkem offer

Tiscali J

surfing the Internet without a landline

Another operator that allows to dinavigate the Internet without Tiscali landline, with its innovative Tiscali J. With this new offer you will be able to navigate to 4G + speed (much faster than normal LTE), have unlimited calls to all national landline and mobile phones, 60 minutes per month to international landlines and no deactivation or activation fees.

The offer available at 19.95 per month for 12 months, then the price goes to 24.95 forever. You can check the coverage and activate the offer on the following page.

LINK | Tiscali J


surfing the Internet without a landline

Eolo was one of the first operators to provide offers to surf the Internet without a fixed line. Among the advantages of Aeolus there is the possibility of activating the line only in certain months or periods, ideal for those who have a house by the sea or in the mountains and do not use the line all year round, the Frola-based Eolo router! Box. Installation included in the price and speed up to 30 megs in download and 1 megabyte in upload.

Prices start at 24.90 per month, but if you want the highest speed you will need to shell out 30 per month. To check the coverage you can use the following link.

LINK | Eolo coverage

If you want to subscribe to an Eolo subscription, just visit the following page.

LINK | Offers Eolo

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