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How to stream to Twitch from Android or iOS

How to stream to Twitch from Android or iOS

Twitch is currently the main service in online streaming services, especially for gaming videos. The Amazon-owned service boasts over 2, 2 million unique monthly streamers and over 292 billion minutes of watched content. While many people use the service to stream their gameplay from their PC and console, did you know that you can stream Twitch from your smartphone too? Oh, and this is also free. Intrigued? Well, read on as we show you how to stream to Twitch using Android or iOS:

Note : while the following methods make use of a third party app, of course you require a Twitch account. In case you don't already have one, you can sign up for Twitch here.

Broadcasting apps for streaming to Twitch from your smartphone

One of the most essential parts of any streamer's toolkit is broadcast software. While there are a lot of streaming software out there for your smartphones that are capable of streaming on Twitch, we will use StreamLabs for this tutorial, since it offers a simple and easy-to-use interface, along with greater overall stability. In addition, available for free, both on Android and iOS.

How to stream Android / iOS games on Twitch

1. Download the StreamLabs app (free) on your Android or iOS device.

2. Open StreamLabs e sign in with your Twitch account .

3. Now, in the main screen window, tap the "Stream" icon .

4. The app will show you a request to capture your screen. Just tap on "Start now" .

5. Now, tap the 3-point menu button and select "Change flow information" .

6. Give your stream a name a your choice. When you have finished, touching simply "Ok" .

7. Now, touch the "Live" icon at the bottom right of the screen. And that's all, all the content on your screen will start streaming on Twitch.

8. All that remains now start the game of your choice. It will automatically be streamed live on Twitch for all your viewers to watch.

PUBG streaming on mobile devices
Live streaming show on PC

Other broadcast apps that you can use

In addition to StreamLabs, there are also a couple of other apps that you may want to check out. For Android users, Bitstream (free) an app that has been highly recommended, thanks to its minimalist interface with many features. For iOS users, Live: Air Solo (free) an app that you can use for streaming. While the service supports many streaming websites, Twitch seems to be the most important of them.

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Start streaming on Twitch from Android or iOS

Using the guide above, you should be able to stream your games to Twitch from your Android or iOS smartphone. While we personally recommend using StreamLabs, the other alternative software or apps should also do the job for you. Just make sure you're using the settings your phone can actually manage, as in, don't expect a mid-range device to stream full HD capacity. Other than that, using the above method should help you easily stream your mobile gameplay on Twitch. So, did the above method work for you? Share your experiences with Twitch with us in the comments below.