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How to shorten your links from an Android device

The use of shortening the urls of your site is becoming increasingly popular on the net. In fact, this operation often made necessary not only for reasons of convenience but also for technical needs. A short url increases the usability of the internet. In fact it turns out to be much easier to write a short url maybe customized. But it is social networks and microblogging sites that have made this custom spread among users. In fact, it is very convenient and sometimes essential to reduce your web address and links that are too long when you chat or publish links on forums and social networks. Finally, a short link very useful if you have to insert it in an advertising flyer. Until now this operation could only be done through a computer but now thanks to Android You can also get a great job using a smartphone and a very easy application made available for free by Google: the Url shortner.

As stated earlier Url shortner an application Android very simple to use, in a few steps your links will not only be shortened but also shared, if you have to share them. Once the application is open, you are in the main window in which practically all the work will be carried out. In fact, in the line marked with Enter your url you need to enter the url to be shortened, then touch the generate url key and the work is completed. In fact, not only the short url but also the QR code will be generated. If you want to publish the url or QR code directly from the app, click on Share url or QR and the finished work respectively.

Another excellent tool that Google makes available to all users Android increasing the potential of this operating system.

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