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How to share Steam games using Steam Family Sharing

Admit it, many of us don't have the money to buy all the games in this world. A decade ago, we usually borrowed game discs from our friends instead of buying the game. Fast forward a decade, the optical drives are almost dead. With advances in high-speed Internet in recent years, people now prefer to buy digital games through digital distribution platforms such as Steam, Origin, Uplay and many others directly from the comfort of their own homes. Now, how are you going to share your games with your friends? Well, Steam has a solution for you and exactly what we will see today. So, without further ado, let's see How can you share Steam games with your friends and family:

Setting up Steam family sharing

Family Sharing a Steam feature, which allows your friends and family to play your Steam games while earning their Steam achievements and saving their game progress on the Steam cloud. Once their accounts are authorized on a particular computer from your Steam account, they will be able to access your game library on that computer. So, let's go through this process, simply by following the following steps:

  • Log in to yours Steam account on the desktop client, which you can download from here. The Steam desktop client available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

  • Once logged in, click "Steam" and go to "Settings" at the top left of the window .

  • Now, before enabling family sharing, necessary check if Steam Guard enabled on your account. To do this, go up Settings-> Accounts-> Manage Steam Guard Account Security .

  • You can choose to receive i Steam Guard codes via email or from the Steam app on your smartphone. You can do this according to your preferences, but disabling Steam Guard is strictly not recommended.

  • Once done, you can go back to Steam-> Settings of again and click "Family" to verify Family Sharing settings. Here, select the option "Allow sharing of the library on this computer" . Eligible accounts that can access the game library will be listed below, for which you can enable / disable the family sharing feature separately by checking or unchecking the box with their username.

Note: to make eligible accounts appear on the window, accounts must be registered at least once from the same computer you are using to enable family sharing. If you have not done so, the accounts will simply not be displayed.

Well, it was easy, right? If you want to repeat the procedure on another computer, simply follow the same steps over again.

Sharing steam games via Steam Family Sharing

Once you have enabled and authorized access to your game library for a particular Steam account, the user in particular simply needs to log in to Steam with their username and password to access your shared library. Shared games will appear on the "Library" page next to the user's games.

Restrictions on sharing the Steam family

Now that you've set up and started playing your friends' games without paying money, let's take a look at some of the limitations that this feature has:

  • You can only authorize family sharing for one maximum of 5 Steam accounts on a maximum of 10 devices at any given moment.
  • Not you can share a specific game from your library. You can simply share your entire library or not share anything.
  • Some of the Steam games may not be available for family sharing, due to technical reasons. Therefore, all Steam games do not support family sharing .
  • If you've shared your library with multiple users, only one of them can access it and play at any time .
  • If you want to play one of the games in your shared library and someone else is playing with your library, you will immediately have access to all your games. However, the other person will receive a few minutes to purchase the game or stop playing .
  • The sharing privileges of your family library can be revoked and your account can also be excluded from VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) if your library is used by others to defraud or defraud. Furthermore, i games prohibited via VAC cannot be shared .
  • Regional restrictions they will remain in effect when content is loaned or borrowed.

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Share Steam Games with ease

Well, even with all the limitations in place, you are still able to share your game library with your friends and family, so that they can play the games without actually having to pay for it. This is something that other digital distribution services should consider. So, are you ready to try Steam Family Sharing now? If so, please let us know how the procedure went, by posting your views in the comments section below.