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How to share Hard Disk over the network

How to share Hard Disk over the network

share Hard Disk in the network

The cloud is the best way to share your file archive from any device, but as we know, not totally secure. If we have sensitive files like photos or work documents, it is better to store them on a physical hard disk. But this solution may not allow you to share files on different computers or mobile devices. This is not entirely true, because there is a way to share Hard Disk in the network.

Is it a solution you want to use but don't know how to do? Do you want to share on the net the files you have stored on your external hard drive to open them from all devices? To do this you don't have to face huge expenses by buying new products, but the modem router you have at home is enough. Such as? Read on and you'll find out how to connect your external hard drive on the network quickly and easily.

How to share Hard Disk in a network with your home router

If you want to share your files with other devices connected to your home or office LAN or Wi-Fi network, you've come to the right place. In this guide, in fact, it will show you how to share Hard Drives on the network so that you can make the content available with other devices (TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.). All you need is a router that you will surely already have at home and will probably be just fine. It is enough, in fact, that the routerdispose of at least one USB port in the back (better if USB 3.0, you recognize it by the blue color of the contacts). Nowadays almost all modern modem-routers have one, so you should have no problems.

A great router that we recommend the following:

To connect the Hard Disk to the router, your modem-router must be equipped with one or more USB ports. In this case you can proceed by connecting your external disk of any size directly to the router.

Please note: if your Hard Disk is particularly demanding in terms of energy, the USB port of the router may not provide enough power for correct operation. For this reason, I suggest you use a Hard Disk with external power supply. Only then will you have no energy problem when you connect the hard drive to the router.

How to configure network hard drives

After connecting the hard disk to an electrical outlet and to the router, to share the device on the network you will have to access the configuration panel of your router and activate the sharing services. To do this, all you need to do is open an internet browser on any device connected to the network (both Wi-Fi and via LAN) and type the IP address of your router in the internet search bar. Generally, the IP address varies depending on the router, but the most used ones are or

Once you have entered the router control panel, you may be asked to send us (usually admin) and passwords (usually there is no default password so just write nothing or repeat) admin). If the access data are not these standards, then you can find them in the router manual. Alternatively, you will need to check the label on the bottom or back of the device.

configuration panel of your router

Once in your router configuration panel, all you have to do is look for the entryFile sharing,or Samba,or Disk Share, or FTP, or USB, or USB, fixed disk or similar to access the features reserved for sharing files on the network and enable them.

In doing so, you will make the entire unit connected to the router visible to other devices connected to the network, which will be able to modify, read and create new files or folders, exactly as if it were a unit present in the system. Connect external Hard Disk to the router, a solution that guarantees the security of your data and at the same time will be able to replace a cloud service for sharing files on other devices.

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