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How to set up Hot Corners aka Corner Gestures on your Mac

Apple has incorporated some very sharp gestures and shortcuts into its devices to simplify consumers' lives. Whether it's an iPad, an iPhone or even the Mac; gestures are practically an integral part of Apple platforms. And great, because gestures make life a lot easier. it is much easier to swipe right on a screen to go back than to touch a button, and it also seems much more natural. While everyone is aware of the various iOS gestures, not everyone knows all the gestures in the Mac. There are some aspects of the Mac that do not have an integrated easy access shortcut and here gestures come in or as Apple likes to call it Hot Corners .

In this article, I will discuss Hot Corners on a Mac as a way to get your Mac to respond to your mouse dragged to any corner of the screen as a trigger to perform a predefined function. This "disabled by default" feature can reduce the seconds of time to otherwise perform the same function. So let's get excited and read on.

What are Hot Corners?

In simple words, Hot Corners are the simple gestures that work on the corners of the display, which can be enabled on a corner basis to perform specific functions. In addition, users have the ability to select these specific functions and these functions will be performed when they drag the cursor to the corner of the screen.

This feature can be extremely useful, especially for scenarios such as quickly locking your Mac when the user is going to leave it unattended for a while. There are other functions that can be assigned to Hot Corners, and they can be very useful depending on how the user interacts with their Mac.

How to enable and set up Hot Corners

Configuring Hot Corners on a simple Mac is the only reason some people may not have used this feature because it is not located in a very "captivating" position in System Preferences. Well, better late than never, you can follow the steps below to set up Hot Corners on your Mac:

1. Go up System Preferences -> Desktop and Screen Saver, and switch to the tab Screen Saver . Then, at the bottom of the preferences panel, click on the button Hot Corners .

2. A small window will open where possible set functions that the Mac must activate for every corner of the screen . Just click on the drop-down boxes adjacent to the corners you want to set and select the function.

3. Click on OK . Now you can use the angles you have set to activate the functions you have assigned to them.

In addition to the function to activate the screensaver or disable it, here are some of the other functions available in this menu:

  • Mission Control basically it exposes all open apps on the desktop you are working on.
  • Windows application shows all application windows in the foreground.
  • Desktop move all applications out of view and show the desktop.
  • Dashboard takes you directly to, well … Dashboard; that home for all your widgets.
  • Notification Center open the notification center, then you can take a quick look at your notifications.
  • Launchpad practically the place where all your apps reside and you can start the apps you need.

Get quick access to common functions on your Mac

Now that you've set the hot corners, you can play around with the various options available, to find out which features work best for you. Some people recommend setting the upper right corner to start the Notification Center, but personally I don't find it very useful. The only hot corner I use the bottom left corner of the screen to launch my screensaver and lock my Mac. As with most customizable settings, the best settings for hot corners vary from user to user. , and there is no "one size fits all" setting, you just have to play around with the options to figure out which settings suit you best.

As always, we will be happy to know your experience with setting up and using hot corners on your Mac. You can also share with us any problems you may face with it, in the comments section below.