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How to send multiple photos in one email from iPhone and iPod touch

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With iPhone and touch the sending of a direct and immediate image: while we browse our photographs one by one in the camera roll or among the photos in the photo library, the sharing button is clearly visible in the lower left. This is the icon represented with an arrow coming out of the screen: pressing it displays the menu of possible actions which also includes sending by email.

The same button also appears in the thumbnail view of the photographs, although in this case the functions change slightly. By pressing it, two large buttons appear at the bottom of the screen: Share and Copy. These are the cumulative sending functions, just as and perhaps even more useful than sending a single image but with a slightly less immediate operation. The user can in fact tap on the thumbnails of the desired photos: up to a maximum of 5 photos, you can press the Share button to automatically start the cumulative sending via email.

If we select for 6 or more thumbnails we notice that the Share button is deactivated, it is in fact displayed in dark gray and can no longer be selected. Conversely, the Copy key appears bright and in brackets indicates the total number of selected photos. In this way, the user can indicate with a tap all the thumbnails of the desired photographs, even in addition to 10 shots, after which the operation proceeds like a normal copy & paste.

So after pressing the Copy button, we exit the photo program and launch Mail: we open a new email to write and, in the part dedicated to the text of the message, we hold down with a tap until the Select / Select All menu appears / paste. By selecting Paste, the iPhone operating system copies all the photos previously selected within our email message: the operation can take a few moments if the number of images is high. At this point, just enter the recipient's email address to send him 10 and more photographs in one fell swoop.

After the first test, the cumulative sending is decidedly practical and quick to use, just keep in mind that exaggerating with the number of photos to be sent with this function it is easy to overcome the sending limits of the main free mail services. We keep an eye on the number of images we insert in order not to see us reject the outgoing email due to the excessive size of the attachments.