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How to send encrypted SMS on Android

How to send encrypted SMS on Android

There are several messaging applications, we have the difficulty of choosing the one that best meets our needs. Surely, what makes the difference between the different services is security, that is, the one that most guarantees our privacy the most. Some of the most important messaging services have introduced new methods to ensure the security of messages and there are others that are born with the purpose of encrypting outgoing messages giving the maximum guarantee on privacy. Protecting your users' data, which has now become an obligation for all companies or online services, all the more reason we should be more careful about choosing the best services when we need to send emails or messages. This is why we wrote this guide, with the focus on selecting the best services forsend encrypted SMS on Android using a simple app.

One of these certainlySignal Private Messenger, free app for Androidwhich differs from all the others because it can be called the most secure messaging app on the market. Now we'll see howsend encrypted SMS on Android with this simple free app.

The Signal app saw tremendous success especially in the United States after the 2016 presidential election, when it was recommended to staff of candidates who did not want to be intercepted in their messages. a super-easy messaging application that works like any other messaging program, but has some extra advantages. All messages are encrypted, even when they pass through Signal's servers. So if someone intercepts them in transit, they can't read them. The same applies to voice calls (even free), which you can make with the app.

send encrypted SMS on Android

Signal Private Messengeremploys an end-to-end encryption that makes it one of a kindsafer messaging app,making it impossible to intercept communications made with a friend or work colleagues. The messages that are exchanged with this app, the calls made and the shared files will remain safe from prying eyes.

After downloading it from the Play Store, you will need to verify your phone number and only then will you be able to use the application as you do with all the classic messaging apps. Once you have entered your phone number, you will be sent an SMS with a security code that you will have to enter manually in the box provided. If successful, you will receive a welcome message. Now you can access the list of your contacts that they already useSignal Private Messenger to be able to start messaging. You will probably not find many, but now it will be your responsibility to invite your friends to download the app to communicate securely.

With this app you can call or send messages that cannot be intercepted and if you want maximum privacy, you can also destroy your conversations automatically or in a programmed way. Continue to find out the various steps required to install the app.

How to send encrypted SMS on Android with Personal Private Messenger

Use Signature Private Messengers on your very simple Android smartphone or tablet. First you need to download the app from this link:

DOWNLOAD |Signal Private Messenger

After downloading, install the Signal Private Messenger application on your Android device, check your phone number and then use the application as you normally do with all other messaging apps.

How it works Personal Private Messenger

  1. First, after downloading it, you need to installSignal Private Messengeron your device;
  2. At the first start ofSignal Private Messengeryou will be asked to enter the phone number that will allow you to use the service. But the peculiarity of this app is to secure your communications by creating a particular digital signature;
  3. After entering your phone number, you will receive an SMS with a security code that you will need to enter in the appropriate field of the app. in the name of security, this procedure will verify your identity;
  4. If the process was successful,Signal Private Messengerconfirm the registration to the service with a welcome message;
  5. By clicking on the pencil-shaped icon at the bottom right, you can access the list of contacts you already useSignal Private Messenger;
  6. If you need to send a message, you only need to select the contact and you can finally call or send a message safely. After sending the message, you can also decide to destroy the communication. You can use the app as you normally do with other messaging apps, only that, in this case, you are sure you are using a system that is intercept-proof.

Other apps are much more accurate thanSignal Private Messengerbut if you care about your safety, I suggest you use this app that is designed to protect your privacy. You can also share media or attachments, all in complete privacy. The server does not have access to any of your communications and does not store any data.

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