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How to see hidden likes on Instagram

how to see hidden likes on Instagram

There are two tricks to see the "Likes" accumulated by a photo of a public user on Instagram …

All the Instagram users have been in Italy for a few days now they can no longer see thenumber of "Like"on the post published by other people. Well explained by the ownership of the reasons that led to this decision, there is always the curiosity to understand how to see hidden likes on Instagram, or rather, if the social network, for now, still gives the chance to do so.

how to see hidden likes on Instagram

And we have discovered, very simply, how much there are still two immediate possibilities to check how many Likes have taken the photo or video published by any public profile present on Instagram.

Like hidden on Instagram, desktop solved the problem

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A simple and fast possibility to use Instagram from desktop. So basically you go on Instagram web, enter your credentials to access the personal profile, and in the "search"At the top enter the name of the profile you want to see the Likes on the photos. Access is then given to timeline page of the person sought with all his photos. To see the hidden likes on Instagram, all you have to do is pass over the photo with the mouse cursor (mouse over) and both the "Likes" accumulated on the photo will appear. But of course. Until it will last clearly.

Sharing via WhatsApp

Alternative solution. Using WhatsApp You can still quickly see how many "Like" a given post has totaled.Such as?Simply sending to one of our contacts the link of the post you want to know the number of likes. Automatically once copied, pasted and sent in a chat the post link will openthe preview with the photo, the description and above all the number of "like"that the post has received so far.

copy link whatsapp For example, we want to know how many likes this has accumulated photo of Fedez. On Instagram, we didn't know it anymore because the word "other people" appears. Moreover, by clicking on "other people", the list of all the people who actually put like to this photo opens, but in fact you will not be allowed to have the total number.

Seen already as possible to do so from desktop, the hidden likes on Instagram we can then find them by sharing the photo on WhatsApp.

Click on the three dots at the top right of the chosen photo and once the menu opens, click "Copy link". Then go to WhatsApp and choose a friend profile with which to share the photo "pasting it".The end result will be exactly what you see in the screenshot where the hidden Likes will appear on Instagram. An alternative not entirely comfortable but valid.

What are the stakes? First of all the profile of the person must be public and not private otherwise the "play" does not function and more importantly we have verified that you can only do between devices with iOS operating system but it doesn't work with Android ones.