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How to scan documents with File on iPhone and iPad

How to scan documents with File on iPhone and iPad

scan documents with File

Ever wanted to want to scan documents with your iPhone or iPad? You may not know that you can do it easily from the app File and with your device's camera. With the arrival of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple has made the File app much more useful. Now not only can it be used to access external storage devices, but it can also be used to scan documents directly into a folder. By adding this functionality to File, Apple has canceled the need to use other third-party apps to scan documents with iPhone and iPad, while at the same time offering users the ability to insert scans directly into iCloud and local folders. You no longer have to search for scans in app folders or use third-party solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, you can do everything at Apple.

How to scan documents with iPhone and iPad

If you are a great user of document scans, this could prove to be the best addition to the latest iOS and iPadOS software updates. Actually, already in iOS 12 it was included in the app Note the function to scan with iPhone without using third-party apps. You can find the guide in the following link.

Scan documents with File on iPhone and iPad

  • Before you start, you must have the app File open on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the menu button ""Which you see at the top right in the" Browse "section, then tap the"Scan documents”From the menu.
  • Place the document on a flat, framed surface in the viewfinder of your iPhone or iPad. When the document is positioned perfectly, the scan will occur automatically. If not, tap the circular capture button to take the picture.
  • The image will automatically be straightened and archived and ready for the next scan. Otherwise, drag the corners of the image to reduce or increase the scanning area. Touch "Save the scan" to continue.
  • Now you can scan any additional pages by repeating the process. If you're done, touchSave”To proceed.
  • Select a location to save the scans, then tap "Save". You can create new folders by tapping the "New Folder" button and you can also rename the file by touching the file name at the top of the screen.

If you prefer to scan documents directly to a location within the File app, also possible. Open the location in the File app and tap the same button ""And proceed normally. However, it may be necessary to slightly lower the screen to reveal the button.

The File app is becoming more powerful and capable as a file manager on iPhone and iPad, and this is just one of many suggestions available for the File app for iOS and ipadOS.

Obviously there are many other tricks and features to be appreciated also on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. If you have just recently updated or purchased a new iPhone or iPad, read this guide too.


The Browse section of the Files app visible by default on the File app for iPhone and you can find it on the left sidebar of the File app for iPad in landscape mode. From the Browse tab or section, just touch the button () to access the menu options that contains "Scan Documents".

If you are a great user of document scanners, in this case you may like to use this new approach to the File app instead of downloading other third-party apps. Do you have a preferred method or a better way to scan documents on an iPhone or iPad? Let us know how you manage your scans and documents.