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How to save SHSH certificates for iPhone downgrade

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<p>If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 7 but are unsatisfied and want to return to iOS 6 using our guide, you will need the <strong>SHSH certified</strong> in order to proceed. If you haven't saved them manually, but have jailbroken iOS 6 at least once, then i<strong>SHSH certified</strong> they are automatically stored in the servers of <strong>Cydia</strong>. In this guide I want to explain how to be able to recover them and then use them in the <strong>downgrade</strong>.</p><div class=

NOTE: remember that this guide can only be implemented by those who have performed the Jailbreak in the past at least once on their device.

  • Download the application TinyUmbrella, available for Windows and OS X, via this link
  • Once the download is complete, start the application. You should be in front of this screen


  • In the main window, select the item advanced
  • To the voice Save SHSH directory select the folder in which you want to store i SHSH certified


  • Now connect the iPhone to the PC / Mac and wait for it to be recognized by the program TinyUmbrella and, in the list on the left, select the name assigned to the device.
  • At this point you just have to select the button Save SHSH and wait for the saving of the certificates to complete.

Now you are ready, following our guide, to be able to easily carry out the downgrade of your iPhone.