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How to remove advertising from Xiaomi smartphones Guide

How to remove advertising from Xiaomi smartphones Guide

Xiaomi smartphones are among the most loved and appreciated in Italy. We only reviewed the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Redmi Note 8 Pro just a few weeks ago and we were extremely satisfied with both devices. After seeing how to do a hard reset, today we focus on advertising. Xiaomi smartphones, especially in the Chinese versions, they have an annoying problem: advertising. Advertising banners allow the manufacturer to sell smartphones at cheaper prices but damage the user experience with their presence within MIUI and its applications. Fortunately there is a quick and easy way to remove all banners and advertisements from Xiaomi smartphones. Thanks to this guide we therefore see how to free the smartphones of the Chinese advertising manufacturer and how to keep your personal data safe.

How to understand what version of MIUI my Xiaomi smartphone uses

Understand which version of MIUI a Xiaomi smartphone uses

Understand which version of MIUI a Xiaomi smartphone uses

Before proceeding in our necessary guide understand what version of MIUI, customization of Android used by Xiaomi, use your smartphone. To understand it, just follow these simple steps: open the Settings, scroll down and stop on My device, in this screen you should find the item MIUI version or MIUI version. The latter item will probably report the MIUI 11 version, or in the case of older MIUI 10 smartphones. Once you have identified your version, proceed with the next steps.

Disable advertising on Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 11

The latest MIUI update made it much easier disable advertising compared to previous versions. To do this, just follow a few simple steps: open the Settings of your smartphone, click on the Account item and then on Privacy. In this screen you will find a System Ads or System Ads button, click on it to disable it. In this way you will have disabled all the advertisements on your Xiaomi, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

Disable advertising on Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI 10 and earlier

With the older versions of MIUI the steps are slightly more complicated but within everyone's reach. Follow the various steps indicated below to delete all the banners.

Disable the MSA app

disable app msa advertising xiaomi

The first step involves the disabling the MSA app, acronym for MIUI System Ads, which is pre-installed on smartphones and cannot be uninstalled but only disabled. Open the Settings, step on Additional Settings and then on Permissions and revocations. Inside the new screen you need to locate the MSA item and press the button to disable it, the device will ask you for confirmation, press OK and continue. You may have to perform this step several times, it seems that Xiaomi doesn't like that you can disable this app.

Disable personalized ADS and recommendations: prevent Xiaomi from collecting your personal data

The next thing to do disable personalized recommendations that Xiaomi uses to bombard you with advertising profiled according to your research. Disabling this function you will prevent Xiaomi from collecting, and using, your personal data and the history of your browser. Open the Settings, step on Additional Settings, choose the item Privacy and System Ads or System Ads, click on it to disable it. In doing so you will have disabled the collection of personal data on your Xiaomi, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

Disable banners safely

Open the Security app of your device and press on the language at the top right. In the new screen try to locate the item Recommendations and tap on it to disable it.

Disable the banners in Mi Video and Musica

Follow the same steps also for the Music app. Here too you can think of using a different app, for example Music player or Mp3 player.

Disable advertisements in the Xiaomi browser

The Internet is already full of advertising as it is, you certainly don't need to add it via the Xiaomi browser. To disable these banners, open the app in question, click on the settings (icons with the 3 lines) at the top right and move through the menu following this path: Settings, Advanced, Recommendations and disable the latter item.

In this case my advice is to use safer browsersand performing like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Disable advertisements in Mi File Manager & Downloads