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How to reduce image size

How to reduce image size

reduce image size

Have you ever had to insert an image on a site to edit it and see that it is too heavy to be modified? Or have you ever wondered how to speed up the loading of pages on your site / blog? But if you don't have a website, reducing image size can be useful for other purposes, like sharing photos on social media or sending them quickly to a friend. Methods to obtain compressed images that occupy less space there are several, from classic applications to software to install or online services. The fastest solution certainly is the one made available by some websites that offer this service to reduce free photos, obtaining good results from JPEG image compression or PNG without installing software on your computer.

Reduce image size

If you have asked yourself these questions more than once and want to know how to reduce the weight of the images, or the like, you are in the right place. If you have the patience to continue reading, in fact you will see how to reduce the size (weight) of your images or photos, until they occupy less than half of the space without downloading any application.

Below you will find three sites that can help you solve your problems of shrinking images, find the one with which you are better and start using it …

Three sites to reduce image size


This site allows you to reduce the weight of images with file extensions .png is .jpg of 75%. It means that if you had a .png file of 160KB, once you loaded and clicked the "download“, You will have downloaded your reduced image to the computer, simply with regard to size, without losing quality, reducing the space occupied on the computer's memory.

reduce image size - tiny png

TinyPNG uses intelligent compression techniques to reduce the file size of PNG files. By selectively reducing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes will be required to store the file. The effect is almost invisible but makes a big difference in file size.


Compress Now

Also thanks to this site you can reduce the weight of the images you have on your computer. Within a certain percentage of weight reduction of the images, the quality of your images will not suffer at all. If instead you had to decrease the weight of the images or a photo by 90%, then I tell you already that it is not possible to do it, not even with this site, without being affected in qualitative terms.

reduce image size - compress

To use this site, just click on Upload an image and select the file you are interested in working with. Now select the reduction percentage that interests you (you will also be shown the weight of the image you will get after compression). Click now on Compress Now. You will then have to click on Download to download your new image. You can find it in the Downloads folder between your documents.

LINK | Compress Now

Compress Jpeg

If you have several images to compress quickly, then you must refer to this other online service called Compress Jpeg. The difference compared to the other two, that you can reduce size up to 20 images simultaneously. Just select up to 20 photos from your PC and drag them to the site box. You can get all the compressed images in a single zip archive or individually.

The site Compress Jpeg allows you to compress not only JPEG images, but also PNG and PDF.

LINK | Compress Jpeg

Many other services dedicated to reducing image weight are available online. However, considering that they all work in much the same way, here I wanted to present only these three sites (among the best in my opinion), in order to explain the shared basic functions and allow you to make do. If you want to learn about other alternative methods and services to reduce image size, I suggest you read this guide.

If you want to convert images to other formats, I suggest you read this guide.

I hope I was clear enough about reducing image size, if you still have doubts, requests or suggestions, don't hesitate to comment!