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How to recover lost files on MacOS with Stellar Data Recovery Professional

recuperare file persi su macos

One of the features I appreciate most on iOS is the possibility of automatically backing up the device via iCloud. a function that always works on the iPhones and iPads of family and friends. In this way, if necessary, I am sure that all the data can be recovered easily. On Mac this feature is not yet available. Perhaps it will never be, given the complexity and the amount of data passing through the MacOS operating system. For this reason it is essential to adopt a practical and fundamental backup strategy on your Mac. In this way, when the big question is asked how to recover lost files on macOS?, the simple answer: from the backup of your Mac. I am aware, however, that those who are reading this article have not adopted a backup strategy of their data. For this reason I would like to help you by showing you how to recover documents on your Mac and that they are no longer available due to a problem or why you deleted them by mistake.

How to recover lost files on MacOS with Stellar Data Recovery Professional

There are many software on the market that allow you to recover your Mac data. All are paid and the few free programs give no guarantee of working as they should. Having an important cost, my advice is to try the free trial and check which files the software can actually detect. Only in the case of a positive scan, then you can proceed with your purchase to permanently recover the documents you lost or deleted. I recently got to use Stellar DataRecoveryProfessional on a friend's Mac. One of its strengths is its compatibility with all file systems that are supported by macOS. In particular capable of scanning APFS disks (the new file system made by Apple), HFS, HFS +, FAT, ex-FAT and NTFS. Furthermore it is guaranteed compatibility with all Macs on which it is possible to install a MacOS version higher than 10.7, including the new MacOS Mojave.

The following will show you how to recover lost files or that you have accidentally deleted on your Mac, using Stellar Data Recovery Professional software. Before proceeding I would like to give you some advice: avoid using your Mac until you perform the recovery procedure. In this way the recovery percentages are higher, since you don't go overwriting the parts of the disk that keep the history of the data that have been deleted.

How to recover files on the Mac

The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional. You can find the software on the official website of the company. If you don't have a license, I advise you to download the trial, which in a completely free way will allow you to scan the disk and display the data that it can recover.

Once the download is complete, install the software on your Mac and start it. The minimal user interface and very few settings to enter before scanning.

recover lost files on macos

On the homepage, in fact, the user only has to select whether to recover all types of documents or just a sub-category, being able to choose between documents, emails, videos, audio and photos. If you need more configurations, you can access the settings, where possible select the data format you want to recover.

recover files on macos

In my case I decide I want to recover every type of file. So I select Recover everything and select Following to start scanning. At this point you must select the disk to be scanned. The main window of the software shows all the disks connected to the Mac, in addition to the main disk.

file recovery on the Mac

By clicking on Scan the disc reading procedure starts. This phase has a variable duration and depends on the size of the disk to be analyzed. In my case it was an 8GB pendrive, which contained some documents that were deleted following a disk formatting. In a few seconds Stellar Data Recovery Professional scanned the pendrive and showed me all the documents that were present before the deletion following the formatting.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional

At this point all that remains is to select the documents you want to recover and finally click on Recover. You will be asked to choose the folder where we want to save the data. In a few minutes I was able to recover all my documents that had been deleted.


Before buying a software to recover lost files on macOS, my advice is to try its free version. In this way we have the possibility to understand if the program is able to recover all the data that we have lost and that we would like to restore. In the case of documents lost due to a disk deletion or formatting, the recovery rate is very high. On the other hand, the recovery of corrupted data from the system should be evaluated as appropriate.

The free version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional can be downloaded from the official website. Data recovery after scanning can only be done by purchasing the full license at a cost of 99.