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How to recover accidentally deleted files from Android Guide

recuperare file cancellati da Android accidentalmente

The deleted files are not completely gone on your Android phone, but some apps can magically report the deleted data. Sometimes it happens to delete the files you actually need on your Android phone, such as photos, downloaded MP3 audio files, contacts, messages, etc. Fortunately, permanently deleted files on Android can be recovered as long as you perform the recovery procedure correctly. But let's not get lost in chatter and find out together how to recover deleted files on Android!

Where do the deleted files go on Android

Although Android does not have a recycle bin for deleted files, the files do not completely disappear from the phone's memory after being deleted. That's why you can restore deleted files on Android.

When you delete a file in Android, your phone does not move the file to another location, nor does it delete the deleted files from the storage space. The file is not really deleted, but still remains in the same place in the memory space, but this is marked as unused and becomes available for writing new data. Once the spot is used by new data, the deleted files are overwritten and permanently deleted.

How to recover permanently deleted files on Android

As we learned, the deleted files are still in our Android phones, as long as we restore the Android files before they are overwritten, only then the deleted files can be restored. To make sure you can recover deleted files on Android, there are two things to do:

  • Stop creating new data;
  • Recover deleted files as soon as possible.

Many things you do on a phone can create new data: install or update apps, download music, take photos etc .. Therefore, put your Android phone in airplane mode to stop receiving new messages or downloading new files and try to use your phone as little as possible.

So, with a reliable Android file recovery application, you can start recovering deleted files from your phone. Instead of using a file recovery app, which could potentially overwrite deleted files during installation, you can recover deleted files using Android desktop data recovery software using a PC.

recover accidentally deleted files from Android

We recommend installing FonePaw Android Data Recovery, a data recovery program for Windows or Mac PC that can restore photos, audio files, videos and more to Android with one click.

Recover deleted Android files without root

Some users are looking for a method for recover deleted data on Android without rootHowever, we are sorry to tell you that it is impossible to recover deleted data unless the phone is rooted. Deleted files are located in the part of the file system accessible only with root privilege.

So if you really need to recover deleted files, give the data recovery program root access to the phone. After the data is back, you can return the phone to its initial state.

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