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How to record calls on Android phones

How to record calls on Android phones

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Sometimes it may be necessary to record phone calls you make or receive on your mobile phone. This feature is not provided on European devices to protect user privacy. If you need record calls on Android devices, there are some methods like third-party apps that allow you to perform this function. The app most certainly used Record My Call, free application for devices Android which allows the recording of incoming and outgoing telephone conversations on your smartphone, always with the consent of the interlocutor. The app allows you to set up your Android phone so you can record phone calls from the microphone and save them even in the format mp3, creating an archive of recordings that can be reordered based on various parameters. Now let's see how to record calls on Android phones.

My Call Record: record calls on Android phones

record calls on Android phones

Due to Android phone limitations (hardware and software), Record my call it can record only from the microphone, so to work it is necessary to activate the loudspeaker during the conversation to obtain a clear voice from the other side of the telephone line. All conversations are recorded in an mp3 file but also in amr, mp4, 3gp and in the audio wave format. Phone records can be found in the "RecordMyCall”In the phone's memory card.


The main features:

  • Recording of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • All files are saved to the memory card.
  • Dropbox synchronization
  • Google Drive synchronization
  • Manual recording
  • Contact filter
  • Advanced file renaming
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Currently Record my calldoes not work on all phones, but only on some. Before installing it you can go to this website to check the compatibility of your phone with the application. This app that you could find on the Play Store is no longer available. Now you can download the app in APK format from this link. For the description of all the features I suggest you read the notes on the Google store page. Furthermore, I advise you to check the devices compatible with this application, by going to the developer page indicated above.

This is not the only solution to record phone calls on Android devices. If you want to know another way to record phone calls on Android phones, I suggest you read this other guide.