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How to receive Android notifications on Mac and PC

How to receive Android notifications on Mac and PC

There are situations in which we find ourselves in front of the PC and we would like to read the notifications we receive on our Android phone even when we don't have it at hand, like a call we don't hear because the phone is in another room. Fortunately there is an excellent app that allows you to receive Android notifications on Mac and PC. The app is called Pushbullet and in this guide we will explain you how to configure it. This is a very convenient app to send and receive SMS messages directly from your computer or to see who is calling you without taking the phone in your hand. You'll also be able to respond to messages from many popular applications including WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger. Finally, you can easily share links and files between various devices or friends.

Receive Android notifications on Mac and PC

Pushbullet a service that allows not only to receive Android notifications on Mac and PC and send files between your devices, but also to reply and delete the messages themselves and will also be deleted on the phone. The positive note that this multi-platform service. You can install Pushbullet on Android, iOS, use the web-app on Chrome, Safari, Firefox is Opera and install the native app for Mac is Windows. If you are curious about how you can never miss any notification that arrives on your Android smartphone, then read on. You'll find out with a step by step guide.receive Android notifications on Mac & PC

1. Create a free Pushbullet account to configure notifications

The registration process could not be easier than this we will see. Access this link and click on Sign up with Google if you want to log in using your Google account to log in, otherwise click Sign up with Facebook to log in with the social profile. There are no other ways to use the service, so if you do not have a Google or Facebook account then you will need to create one.

universal receive Android notifications on Mac and PC

2. Download the official app

Now, to receive Android notifications on your Mac or PC download from this link the official app from Play Store and install it on your smartphone.

3. Install the native PC or Mac app or browser extension

Personally, I prefer to install the native app. In my case I installed the app for Mac, but you can also install for example the extension for Chrome and receive notifications via the browser. Below you will find links to download extensions or apps:

4. Enable Desktop notifications

After following all the previous steps and installing the app for Desktopon the computer e Android on your smartphone, you will need to log in to your account Pushbullet both in the Android app and in the PC or Mac app. At this point you need to enable the desktop notifications. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • From the desktop app, open the settings.
  • From the pop-up that opens, enable "Enable Pushbullet notifications " is "View my mobile device notifications ".

receive Android notifications on Mac and PC

5. Last step

At this point, if everything has been configured correctly, you should receive all Android notifications on your Mac and home or office PC. I installed Pushbullet on my home PC, MacBook Air and smartphone. The convenience of this method, in addition to reading Android notifications, allows you, when a message comes with a file attached, to be able to download it directly to your computer.

As you have seen, Pushbullet is an excellent universal app to receive all notifications on your PC or Mac. If you know other apps like this or you have problems, you can let us know via comments.

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