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How to protect the house from thefts during the holidays with Netatmo cameras

Come proteggere la casa dai furti durante le feste

According to a recent Istat report, theft in the home is the main crime that worries 60.2% of Italians, with a maximum peak in the range between 45 and 54 years. The regions in which the danger most felt are Puglia (71.5%), Emilia Romagna (69%), Lombardy (66.5%), Lazio (65.3%) and Umbria (65.9%) (1) .

Despite these data, on the occasion of the departures for the Christmas holidays, only 55.7% of Italians adopt defense methods to protect their home, although there are intelligent and economic solutions on the market. Therefore Netatmo intelligent security cameras are one of the most recommended solutions to spend holidays in peace. Simple to install and cheaper than a complete video surveillance system, Netatmo security devices can detect suspicious situations and alert the user on the smartphone for a better level of protection that allows them to act quickly to take the most appropriate measures, such as calling the police or trigger an alarm.

How to protect the house from thefts during the holidays

the case of Yannick, owner of an Intelligent Outdoor Camera Around 3 in the morning, someone climbed my gate, trying to enter the house. The light of my Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera immediately turned on and the intruder ran away. Alerted by the notification of my smartphone, I called the police who stopped him 20 minutes later and, thanks to the video clip recorded by the video camera, the agents were able to confirm the identity of the thief and avoid further break-in.

Netatmo Presence – Click here to learn more

Presence by Netatmo (here our review) detects and notifies the user in real time if someone is wandering near their home, if a car enters the driveway or if a pet is in the courtyard. The device equipped with a smart spotlight, ideal for longer and darker days, which can be turned on manually through the app or set to automatically activate when it detects a person, car or animal.

Netatmo Welcome – Click here to learn more

Netatmo also thinks about security inside the home with the Welcome camera (here our review) equipped with facial recognition, which warns the user directly with a notification on the smartphone if an unknown person has raided the house during the days of absence.

Lapp Netatmo Security, with which you can control security cameras, free and compatible with iPhone (starting from iOS 9), Android (starting from version 4.3) and available on Mac and PC.