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How to properly disinfect your Android smartphone GUIDE

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After spending all day with your Android smartphone and placing it on avoli, chairs, public benches and other potentially dirty places, it may be necessary properly disinfect it, so as to also remove the accumulated dirt e maintain a correct level of hygiene. In this guide, we will give you tips on how proceed for proper cleaning of your phone.

Android smartphones: how to properly disinfect them

Some important tips

Soaked wipes may at first glance seem like an easy way to clean your Android smartphones, however not so. indeed it is advisable to proceed with the use more effective products, as bleach, vinegar, 90% ethyl alcohol and other disinfectant chemicals, suitable for cleaning the sides of the device and the back.

Be careful in using them, in case your device is built in glass on both sides, we recommend in this case of use ethyl acool, while you can use more aggressive stuff like the bleach, for parts of the body in metal or plastic. Pay the same attention to the fingerprint reader, in case your device has one.

Also the use of compressed airit can be particularly useful, because it allows the expulsion of dust from those difficult and difficult to reach corners of the device. Lend however beware of delicate parts such as microphones and ear capsule. Proceed to decrease the pressure in these cases.

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Cleaning procedures

  • First remove your Android smartphone from any enclosures. Rinse the latter with warm water, which are now made of rubber, TPU or similar materials. If the material is leather or other, look for the appropriate products to proceed with cleaning.
  • Using gods swabs with velcro tip, which can be found in the cleaning kits for sale on the main smartphone e-commerce sites, proceed to clean the ear capsule, the speaker grilles, the microphones and the various ports on the phone, dabbing gently. Alternatively, you can also use the cotton swab.
  • Be careful when cleaning the door USB Type-C or micro-USB, in order to do not leave fibers and remove any residues inside. in this case, it is advisable to use smaller and softer tools for proper cleaning.
  • Proceed to cleaning the display and the body of your Android smartphone, using the anti-scratch cloths, applying the relative productslenses for lenses are also fine. A few hours after passing the cloth, strips remain on the screen glass, use a microfiber cloth to remove them.
  • Dry everything thoroughly before re-applying the case to the device.

You can also buy gods dust caps to be applied to the doors of your smartphone, as well as prevent more the deposition of dust residues and possible malfunctions in the long term.

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