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How to program emails on Gmail for iPhone and iPad

programmare le email su Gmail

schedule emails on Gmail

New features that simplify our work and personal life are always welcome. Gmail has introduced e-mail scheduling that allows you to create e-mails and send them on a specific date and time. This function is useful for setting the messages you know you need to send, but not immediately. Maybe you will need to do it in an hour or a day later, when you are out of the office or when you know you are busy in other things.

Perhaps you will be on the plane or in the car and want to schedule emails at that specific time. Or maybe a family member's birthday is coming and you want to schedule a Happy Birthday message so you won't forget it. There are many reasons why you might want to schedule emails on Gmail using your iPhone and iPad.

Schedule emails on Gmail with the iOS app

This brief tutorial will show you how to schedule emails in Gmail for iPhone and iPad in an official way, after Google has finally added this new feature. This possibility had been discussed for some time now, and can now be activated both on the iPhone, Android and desktop apps.

Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad and follow these simple steps that will help you discover this new feature to program your e-mail message, useful for both work and personal use.

1) Compose your email as you normally would, entering the recipient, the subject and the text message.

2) Touch the button Other (three-point icon) that you see at the top right.

3) From the menu that appears below, select Schedule sending.

program sending email

4) In the box that opens, choose when you want to send the e-mail. You can choose from the preset options such as tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning, or choose a personalized date and time. Choosing a default setting will program the e-mail with a click, but if you've decided to choose a custom date and time, you'll need to tap Save to program it.

select send email

If you have performed the previous steps correctly, you will certainly have set the email schedule correctly. For greater security you can check with a simple check. Open the top left button and open the side menu. In the list you will see the new entry planned. If there is a number next to it indicating the number of programmed emails, then it means that the procedure has been set correctly.

Check or delete scheduled emails

Once you have programmed your email, you can also enter and review your scheduled emails and delete them if necessary.

1) Click on the button at the top left to open the side menu.

2) Select planned. You will see a number next to it with how many emails you have planned.

3) Choose an email to read it or see when the sending is expected. And if you want to remove it from the schedule, touch the scheduled time and click on the new page Cancel sending. If you cancel sending, the e-mail will be moved to the Drafts folder.

delete scheduled email


If you don't see this feature in the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad, be patient because it appears to be about to be released gradually. No need to check for updates to the Gmail app because this feature has been added via server. If you can't see it in the desktop version of Gmail, try refreshing the page.

Are you happy that Google has added the email schedule to the Gmail app? a feature you plan to use? Let us know!