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How to play videos with AC3 audio format

The AC3 audio format it is used by many videos, but not all mobile device readers support it. By now, watching videos on smartphones has become a fairly common habit for users of these devices, I believe that you often use your smartphone to watch movies. This propensity favored by the easy portability of smartphones and the possibility of using them in complete mobility. Due to their high functionality and super-performing processors, they are now able to replace classic devices such as desktops and laptops, with the advantage of being highly portable.

To watch videos on your mobile device, you will need a video player installed on your smartphone and those that come with Android are somewhat dignified, but honestly we can't say that they are the best. They are missing a lot of features, essential for watching a good video and having a great visual experience. That's why we have to rely on third-party video players, for example applications like MX Player, VLC Player and KM Player are some of the most popular and popular video players.

AC3 audio format 1

MX Player for Android definitely the oldest player compared to KM Player or VLC Player and any other player we know. It has a large number of downloads and can be found on almost all Android phones. This is the first choice of those looking for a third-party video player. Until last year everything was going well for MX Player. Last year, due to some problems, MX Player stopped supporting the AC3 audio format along with some other less well-known format. This behavior has caused negative reactions from users, although there, MX Player no longer supports the AC3 audio format. Although several XDA developers have proposed some solutions, they no longer work with the latest version of MX Player.

Play video with AC3 audio format

I recently found AC3 Player, an app in the APK format that allows you to use the AC3 audio format on your Android device without problems. As the name suggests, AC3 Player able to play video files containing the AC3 audio format. If you are tired of having problems playing video with unsupported AC3 audio, then you will need to download AC3 Player on your Android device. These are the main features of the application:

  1. Supports AC3: This player can play almost all file formats including the AC3 audio format that other video players cannot play.
  2. Simple and UI Material: AC3 Player has an elegant user interface and is easy to use.
  3. Subtitle Support: Like any other video player it also has subtitle support. It supports multiple subtitle formats and also has the subtitle synchronization function. Gesture: AC3 Player supports gestures such as volume, brightness, etc.
AC3 audio format 2

In addition to these features, it also has a sleep timer only in audio mode, online video support, play list, etc.

I also use AC3 Player as a secondary video player, since I'm used to the classic MX Player. I only use it to play videos with the AC3 audio format, after all the main strength of this video player.

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