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How to make the PC faster. Tricks and tips

How to make the PC faster. Tricks and tips

With the passage of time, do all the machines need a touch-up, a maintenance, a regeneration and do you want the PC to not need it? If our affectionate computer starts to show signs of fatigue, he loses shots, slow, before going to spend money turning to a technician, we begin to ask ourselves some questions about how can we make the PC faster:

  • Have I ever done a disk defragmentation?
  • Have I ever done a hard disk cleaning?
  • Have I ever done a registry cleanup?
  • Have I ever scanned the system to check for viruses?

pc1 "width =" 586 "height =" 384 "srcset =" // 586w, // uploads / 2014/05 / pc1-520x341.jpg 520w, // 150w, // uploads / 2014/05 / pc1-300x197.jpg 300w, // 104w, // uploads / 2014/05 / pc1-214x140.jpg 214w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 586px) 100vw, 586px "/> We can stay here to greatly extend this list, but the problem is not this, but be aware that even our computer needs assistance and periodic maintenance, so let's see what we need to do to make the PC faster, discovering all the important procedures to keep the system up and running, using the right software to make our PC faster.</p><div class=

Tips and tricks to make the PC faster

1. Free up space from the Hard Disk

In addition to the installed software and archives, how do we fill our hard disk? For example, during the uninstallation of a software, a series of files no longer used remain on the hard disk; or, during internet browsing, temporary files, histories, cookies, index files are stored, again, the system files created by windows, those of the recycle bin, log files, chkdsk file fragments; files created by software and applications, multimedia files. All this "junk" material weighs down your computer and should be periodically deleted. Later we see how to do it.

2. Uninstall unused software

I'm not telling you to remove all the programs from the hard disk, because surely you would say, so what do I need a computer for? But I advise you to comb through the list of software, because you will surely find many that you don't even know how and who installed them. Many applications are automatically installed while browsing the Internet with some software. There are others that you have installed but you have never used and you will never use and therefore it is better to uninstall them.

3. Automatic start of programs

Many software installed on your computer have the automatic start function every time you turn on the PC. We don't realize it, but if you go to open the Startup file, you will see a disproportionate amount of programs that start up automatically at power up. Of course, the more software you open at the same time, the more time the computer takes to start up. Therefore, it would be appropriate to lighten this load by deactivating this function for those software that it is not considered useful to have them open at startup. Many of these can be opened manually when you really need it, allocating these resources to other software that you are going to use. Pay attention to what you disable, because some applications are really useful when starting the computer.

4. Cleaning the registry

When you uninstall a program from your computer, this operation also leaves useless files in the system registry that cause errors. All this garbage causes slowdowns in the system, so the register must be cleaned periodically. Attention, because, even if the cleaning required, the system register is very important and in performing cleaning, one must be careful not to cause damage, which can sometimes be irreversible. So before cleaning, it is advisable to make a backup of the registry, and then restore it with problems.

5. Check for virus presence

When surfing the internet, the biggest risk is being infected with viruses and malware. Never let your PC miss an antivirus, which blocks all kinds of dangers that creep in between the pages you visit or in the downloaded software. The presence of viruses on the PC can cause severe system slowdowns. Even if you have an anti-virus software activated, it is advisable to periodically carry out a thorough scan using your security software. Not all viruses can be eliminated with normal programs, for example, malware needs specific software, as well as Rootkits (our guide).

6. Driver update

The manufacturers of hardware accessories periodically update their drivers. In general, the most important drivers that are updated are those of the video card, the motherboard and the processor and the sound card. I advise you to check periodically if a new product software update has been released and to install it on the PC. Outdated and outdated drivers can cause the system to slow down, because incompatibilities can occur or come into conflict with each other. To update drivers there are several methods, let's see some of them:

To carry out these cleaning operations, the tools I recommend are the following:

The first solution was already integrated in the Windows operating system, which provides a series of useful functions to lighten the weight of your hard disk and make the PC faster. To find all the necessary tools go to Control panel> System and security> Administrative tools. Here you will find the way of how defragment and optimize the hard drive, which consists in compacting the files and eliminating the empty spaces of the hard disk. You can also activate the disk cleaning, which allows you to automatically delete unnecessary files.

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<p>The second method that I recommend to make the PC faster is to use <strong>CCleaner</strong> (see our in-depth review), a free software that allows you to perform all the cleaning operations on your hard drive. It is a simple to use and complete application, through which you can <strong>clean up your PC from useless files</strong>, <strong>clean and optimize the system registry</strong>, <strong>check the programs that start automatically with Windows</strong>, <strong>uninstall programs from your computer</strong> and much more.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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CCleaner4_2 "width =" 528 "height =" 396 "srcset =" // 800w, // uploads / 2014/05 / CCleaner4_2-520x390.png 520w, // 150w, // uploads / 2014/05 / CCleaner4_2-300x225.png 300w, // 768w, // uploads / 2014/05 / CCleaner4_2-80x60.png 80w, // 245w, // uploads / 2014/05 / CCleaner4_2-260x195.png 260w, // 640w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 528px) 100vw, 528px "/> These are the basics to make the PC faster and are available to everyone. Before spending money bringing the PC to a specialist, try these simple steps, surely your PC will reap the benefits.</p>
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