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How to log out of Gmail remotely and check for suspicious activity

How to log out of Gmail remotely and check for suspicious activity

exit Gmail remotely

If you inadvertently left your Gmail account open on a friend or stranger's computer, the risk is that someone else could read and use your emails. If this is your case, there is a way to remedy it. There is a simple erapid solution provided by Google to disconnect Gmail accounts remotely. In this guide we will show you not only how to exit Gmailremotely, but also how to identify suspicious activities performed by others with your Gmail account.

How to log out of Gmail remotely

Getting out of Gmail always recommended after reading your emails, otherwise someone could easily access your email. Just do Gmail logout and secure your emails. Sometimes we forget and this could be a big problem, especially when the account was opened on a computer different from ours and we forgot to log out Gmail. In this case, read how you can disconnect your Gmail account from another computer.

First, you need to log in to your Gmail account on your computer and scroll to the bottom. Go past your inbox, at the bottom right of the screen, where Gmail displays the last time you had access to your account. Click on the link Details to see all the information related to the IP addresses that have accessed your account.

gmail details

This screen Details which we show you below, contains a very important button for what you need to do. The key is called Exit all other sessions. The secret is to click on this button if you have forgotten how to exit Gmail from another computer.

information on gmail activities

Google traces all the accesses that have been made to Gmail accounts, this would seem to be a violation of user privacy, but in this case it is very useful for tracking down unauthorized transactions. When someone accesses your Gmail account from a suspicious position, Google records all the accesses and times in which they were made and sends you a notice on your email asking you if you recognize the access made and if you did it.

By activating this function you will be able to check all the accesses made to your Gmail account, from anyone and from any location. You will decide whether an access made by you or by some malicious person. In the latter case, you can activate the function for disconnect Gmail account remotely and secure your mail.

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