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How to log in to your Mac if you have forgotten your password

How to log in to your Mac if you have forgotten your password

log in to your Mac if you have forgotten your password

You may happen to have forgotten Mac password and no longer able to access the system. This can lead to serious problems, even if we have disabled it during the login phase, because it is still required when a new program is to be installed, or when operations are performed that require the administrator's consent. However, there is a method to access the Mac if you have forgotten the password.

Log in to your Mac with a forgotten password

If you have a Mac on which installed Lion, Mountain Lion or more recent versions and unfortunately you forgot the password, in this guide I will show you how to reset it and set a new one. An indispensable condition for the painless recovery of the password, which must have the function FileVault disabled. If this activates, all you have to do is format the Mac using the recovery disk.

What FileVault

Self FileVault activated, a complete disk encoding is activated on the Mac, using the XTS-AES-128 encoding with a 256-bit key. This system will prevent unauthorized access to data on the boot disk. If you have FileVault enabled, your Mac requires you to log in only with your account password. So, if this function is activated, all that remains is to restore the entire system.

FileVault on the Mac

If you have not activated FileVault, you can continue reading this guide that will allow you to work on your Mac to set a new password.

How to log in to your Mac if you have forgotten your password

The operations to be performed to access the Mac are the following:

  • Start the Mac while holding the keys together Cmd + R. This procedure allows you to start the Mac in recovery mode (present only in the latest operating systems). Keep your fingers on the keys until the apple logo appears with a symbol wheel that loads under it.
  • After starting the Mac in recovery mode, a window with different options will appear on the screen. On the top bar select the menu Utility and start Terminal.
  • In Terminal write the following string and press the enter key:
  • Some information will appear on the screen. You will need to select the boot disk and the user for whom you want to reset the password. Type the new password twice and click ok. In order not to run into the same problem again, I suggest you also type in a suggestion that will appear if you forget your password again. Restart your Mac and enter with the new password.

As you may have noticed, the procedure is very simple. As mentioned above, this procedure can only be used in case of FileVault disabled. This process to access the Mac can be performed by anyone and, unfortunately, even by those who, for various reasons, want to access your data without your consent. For this reason it is advisable to have the function FileVault active on the Mac. If you want to explore this topic and discover other methods, you can read the guide on Forgotten Mac passwords: access methods.